Are You Looking To Get The Best Placements From MBA? You Can Get Much More. 


Hi, I am Darpan Saxena, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur. What you really need to know about me right now are four important things:

  • I have a speech problem, I have stammered all through my school, engineering and MBA
  • I got rejected in the interviews of B-schools like XLRI, MDI Gurgaon, IIFT Delhi and most IIMs
  • And for the same reason, there was no way I was going to crack any placement interview either
  • Despite that, I always wanted to make a wonderful career in the field of Marketing after my MBA

I was definitely anxious about all of this, until one day in my first year of MBA, when...

I took the best five steps of my life!


Those five steps led to me not only getting off-campus job offers even before the placements begun, but also to this point where I could move on from my big-package post-MBA job and pursue my bigger dreams with financial and social freedom. 

I present to you the same discovery of these five steps (and 3 additional secrets) that can help you get the maximum from your MBA.  All of that packaged in a free series of videos, straight from the heart.

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I Share With You 5-Steps and 3-Secrets In This Course.

You read about what outcome I was able to achieve when I implemented these 5-steps into my life. What I have shared above is not to impress you but to impress upon you that this works. And that if I can create the outcomes that I wanted, then you can too!

Here is what the the 5-Step BASIC Blueprint and 3-secrets can do for you:

How Does Five Steps Ahead Help
How Does Five Steps Ahead Help Mobile

It will be surprising to you when you discover that the outcomes you have always chased fervently are actually just by-products of following the 5-steps and the 3-secrets. And that's what this course, Five Steps Ahead Blueprint, will give you the clarity about.

*Video lessons delivered on your email, at your pace

What Will Be Covered In Five Steps Ahead Blueprint Course?

You will receive an orientation lesson along with my 5 steps and 3 secrets that will help you sail through your MBA with clear focus towards the outcome.


Duration: 15 mins.

An introduction to my story and why I created this short course. Everything that I mention about me is not to impress you, but to impress upon you that if I can achieve the best career outcomes without then you can too!

Lesson 1 - 5-Step BASIC Blueprint for Success

Duration: 13 mins.

It is said that the journey towards success and a great career is not a straight line. Sure, that's true. But, it always helps to have an exact roadmap of what that journey should be. My 5-Step BASIC framework is that roadmap for your MBA.

Lesson 2 - Secret #1 - Hard-Skills vs. Soft-Skills

Duration: 8 mins.

A secret is a secret not always because it is unknown, but also because it has been overlooked so often. This first secret is going to bring a transformation to the learning choices that you make in your MBA.

Lesson 3 - Secret #2 - Create vs. Compete

Duration: 7 mins.

If you find the competition at your B-school overwhelming and find everyone else to be better than you are, I have a solution for that. This secret will rewire your mindset so that you look at only oceans of opportunities in your MBA.

Lesson 4 - Secret #3 - Build Your Marketing Experiments Lab

Duration: 12 mins.

This is where the action takers stand apart from the procrastinators. This secret is the real differentiator in your journey. Whether be it in your learning, implementation or the outcomes from your MBA, you will thank yourself for doing this.

Lesson 5 - Summing It Up

Duration: 8 mins.

At this point you will know where you are and you will know your path ahead in your MBA. You will be one of those few MBA students on your campus who will know exactly what they are doing and why - all aligned with the final outcome.

Here's What MBA Students and Aspirant Have To Say About Five Steps Ahead

MBA Students and Aspirants got one of the greatest virtues from the Five Step blueprint and i.e. clarity and direction. Here's what they have to say.

Varun Chaturvedi, MBA from SDA Bocconi finds the course to be deep and thorough to understand the basic concepts of marketing. Prepares the students for important skills.

Shuvankar Mazumdar, a final-year engineering students thinks that Five Steps Ahead gave him the right kind of preparation that he requires before stepping into MBA.

Surabhi Bhuyan, MBA from IIFT Kolkata believes that the course is the much required roadmap for any student thinking about how to acquire marketing skills in MBA

Prachi Patil, MBA from SIBM believes that the course cleared her basic marketing concepts and the detailed coverage of the course gave her an organized view


There is a reason why this knowledge is given to you for free. I want these secrets to reach the maximum number of people so that they can no longer be overlooked. 

This can mean the difference between knowing what those 5-steps and 3-secrets could have been and taking action on them and not knowing what could have made all the difference to your MBA journey and outcomes.

*Video lessons delivered on your email, at your pace

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