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Lesson #3

Secret #2 - Create vs. Compete

  • DURATION: 7 minutes 

What do you think about the competition at your B-school? Do you find it overwhelming? Does everyone else seem to be better than yourself to you? Here's the thing. The last time you really had competition was when you cracked the CAT or the other exams. After that, what you have now are only oceans and oceans of opportunities. Let's uncover this secret to rise above the competition and sail through these oceans.

Focus on Creation to Rise Above the Competition

It could not have been simpler than this. If everyone could focus on the creation mindset, competition would cease to exist. Why?

For the simple reason that the opportunities are in abundance - both inside and outside your campus.

What should you create?

Think of creation as the process of creating value for others with the help of the knowledge, skills and the opportunities that you have or are acquiring at your B-school.

And when you create value, you end up creating a brand for yourself. This attracts towards you all the opportunities that are around you.

Believe it or not, but you can attract the opportunities that you want for yourself. The question is can you focus on it and give to others? Creating value for others is one of the best forms of giving.

And then, be ready to receive 🙂

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What have been your takeaways?

You are really lucky if you are someone who understood this secret. It is going to turnaround your life for as long as you keep on believing in it.

I want to know how would you create and what would you create to rise above the competition? What are your takeaways?

Do comment on other's takeaways as well and learn from each other! 🙂

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2 years ago

My takeaways are how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition, and what are the things that can set us apart.

2 years ago

This is great! Wow!

Harshita Rao
Harshita Rao
1 year ago

My takeaway is that one should have their unique identity ( skill which they are good at) so that they will be different amongst others. When you are good at Creating something unique, you are definitely identified in a better way. Thanks a bunch for these important insights sir.

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