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Lesson #5

Summing It Up

  • DURATION: 8 minutes 

Let me sum it up for you here. It was a great experience for me to connect with you and share about my story. My purpose was to tell you that if what I have been able to do is possible - then whatever outcomes you want from your MBA are possible. And it is entirely in your hands to make it all happen. 

What Have You Learned?

As I mentioned, it was a different experience for me to share with you, probably, my biggest vulnerability - stammering. When I was an MBA aspirant and then when I was an MBA student, it was something that bothered me each day back then.  

But then, that is the power and the magic of these 5 steps and the 3 secrets that I shared with you. If you believe in them, they can make anything happen.

Here's what you learned in this course.

Orientation - I shared with you my story. Right from the time when my stammering was at an all-time high and my confidence was at an all-time low. I scribbled my answers on a paper in my XLRI, IIFT, MDI and IIM interviews. And no wonder, I couldn't make it to most of them except for a few of them and to, my favorite B-school, IIM Udaipur.

Lesson #1 - I walked you through the exact 5-steps that I followed by sharing the exact logic for each of the steps as to why they are fail-proof.

Lesson #2 - You got to know about my first secret. This was the secret that came to me first when I was an MBA students. Yes, secrets do find their way to you. Just like this course found its way to you. Prioritize your hard-skills over soft-skills. 

Lesson #3 - The second secret that came to me was that there is an easy way to thrive in competition and even rise above it. That is to create instead of competing.

Lesson #4 - This was a secret that struck me just in time (though I still secretly wish that it came to me when I was in engineering). This was to build your own marketing experiments lab and practice all your knowledge and skills there.

Lesson #5 - You now know your path and your journey. Sign up for my community Five Steps Ahead and commence learning about each of these steps in more detail.

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What have been your takeaways?

This is the time where you share with me your takeaways and your feedback to me. Share with me what's your domain name and what do you expect to learn from my community/.

Do comment on other's takeaways as well and learn from each other! 🙂

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You are a finisher!

I am glad that you completed this course. This in itself is an achievement because it shows your belief in the 5-steps and in the 3-secrets.

Learn about each of the 5-steps in depth.

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