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It is great that you have decided the join the course. You must still be wondering what this course is about.

Let me tell you again what all you can expect from the course.

What to expect from the course?

Simply put, this course will challenge your mindset and as a result will help you develop the principles that you need to follow to get the best career outcomes in Marketing from your MBA.

  • In the Orientation Video, I share with you something really personal to me. That is my story and one of the biggest challenges that I had which could have broken me.
  • Lesson #1 take you through my Five Step Blueprint and will clearly lay down in front of you the steps you need to take for success.
  • Lessons #2, #3 and #4 will be the most interesting and insightful. I will share with you three secrets that will change the way you look at your MBA. Unforgettable for sure.
  • Finally, in Lesson #5, I will sum it up again for you and will tell you about what should be your next steps now that you know these 5 steps and the 3 secrets.

  The Orientation Lesson will be with you in the next 5 minutes  

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