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What's inside the book?

This book is a must for any MBA student or Marketer looking to manage a product or devising marketing strategies for it. A key component of the marketing strategy is the pricing and this book helps you with that

Decision Problem 

Know my personal tip on finding the real Decision Problem. 

Case Analysis and Framework

Learn how to present the case facts in the 5C analysis method

Case Presentation

Learn how to present your case analysis in just 5 slides

Wondering how to analyse marketing case studies?

You are at a B-school where the case study method is the pedagogy they swear by. You have case analysis and case presentations in almost every other class. The faculty requires you to be thorough with your case preparation. You have got to don the hat of a CEO and deliver a solid and logical presentation on the case, explaining your decision.

The greatest challenge in analyzing any Marketing case study is to be completely aware of the case facts and then to build a solution in coherence to that. Our recommendation needs to have cleared certain criteria and needs to be logical. The question is, how would you know whether you are approaching the case study correctly or not?

This guide on How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies tells you exactly the way in which your faculty expects you to tackle a case. What I suggest in the book is an elaborate explanation of how you can present your case study analysis most effectively, in just 5 slides. Download your free copy if you wish to make an impact with your case analysis.

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