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Hold on! Here's what IIM call getters do... 

Don't close this page. Your Self Branding Journal is on its way to your inbox. And here's an offer to make it better!

IIMs want people who are not only clear about their goals but those who also know how will MBA help them reach there. And you can know that with my new course, Five Steps Ahead, for which I have a special offer.

Here's how the best students benefited from Five Steps Ahead

"For me, being a CA and a finance professional, Super Heuristics has made marketing extremely interesting. The course Five Steps Ahead has opened up a new perspective for me to think about the skills and personal branding that I need to crack my IIM interviews and for having a fulfilling career"
Sadhna Sharma

"Fortunately I came across this course Five Steps Ahead and its simple yet detailed roadmap has helped me methodically identify my areas of interests and relevant skills. The course has helped me straighten my though process about my career ahead"
Krati Pandey
MBA, IIFT Kolkata 2020-22

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You have seen how MBA aspirants and students like you have benefited from the clarity that they got from the course. You have already taken half-a-step by taking the FREE Self Branding Journal. Now, this would make it the first complete step - and that's why here's a special offer to encourage you to start.

Simply put, here is what Five Steps Ahead means for you:

Learn Basic Marketing Concepts from MBA 


Know about Marketing Job Roles after MBA


What extra skills you need to learn during MBA


How to create your personal brand

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I know you will see success with the Self Branding Journal. You will get to know how to answer questions about who you are and about where do you want to get in life after your MBA.

But, its not just about who you are and where do you want to be.

How do you plan to reach there is just as important for you to know and to express in your interviews.

As I mentioned, IIMs want people who are clear with their goals and know why going for an MBA can help them. Which means you need to know the secrets of how you can design your MBA journey to reach those goals. 

I designed this program for MBA Aspirants and students like you so that you can ace this part as well.

Do you have 3 minutes?

Do you have a few minutes to hear why Five Steps Ahead can change not just your IIM interview preparation strategy, but also the outcomes from your MBA program?

Five Steps Ahead course usually sells for ₹997 on my website. But that's for everyone else. You are someone who showed the interest and the dedication to improve your chances at cracking your interviews. 

And therefore, I just have to give you a better offer. After all, if you miss out on making it to your dream B-school even after downloading the Self Branding Journal, that would be my loss!

If you truly want to give your preparation every thing that you have, I am with you. If you want you can take Five Steps Ahead right now only for ₹397. Nothing more, nothing less. 

One time offer. Get Five Steps Ahead course right now for:


₹397 only