We understand what concerns you the most right now...

How to NOT mess up your B-School Interviews due to Lack of Goal Clarity

  • You cannot make the mistake of coming across as someone who is clueless about why you want to do MBA
  • You can save yourself the embarrassment of walking out of the interview after having made a mess of the questions that were about - your own self!
  • You can give your next IIM interview a new life by building your personal brand with as little as 30 minutes of work

The kind of Life you want... the Education you want... the Experiences you want,

 is going to be fueled by the IIM that you get into this year. Self Branding will make all the difference.

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What does the Self Branding Journal mean for you?

Who: Darpan Saxena

What: Founder, Super Heuristics

From: MBA, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur

Claim to Fame: Interview calls from XLRI, MDI, 14 IIMs, IIFT

Claim to Shame: Waitlisted or Rejected in all

There you go. You know that I have been there. I have gone through all of what you are going through. And I have also gone through walking out of my interviews embarrassed about not being able to answer question about ME with full confidence and clarity.

But coming back to the question, "what does the Self Branding Journal mean to you"?

For everyone it could be different...

For some of you, you would be itching to get into a dream B-school or IIM you always wanted to get to. And you are this close to your interviews (maybe a week or just 10 days away).

For some it could be about getting that summer internship or that job that would make all the impact in your life.

For me, it means helping you discover that you, each one of you, are a brand. And your brand story is waiting to be told and heard by the B-school interviewers out there. 

But, here's the thing...

Your Dream IIMs are Going to Accept Just...
3 out of 10 Candidates that they interview!

Just look at these charts that tell you about how the odds are stacked up for you...

Source: https://www.mbauniverse.com/iims-shortlist

I hate to break this to you if you already didn't know this. But it's true. You have only less than 33% chances of getting into that B-school that you want to get into. We gathered this data for you for the year 2021 (expected).

And just when you thought, "Oh! That's only the top 3 IIMs, I am not even aiming for those", is when you realize that this ratio is much worse for them. Why? For the simple reason that those B-schools give out a much larger number of calls so that they are sure that they can fill up the batch.

What's worse? You don't even know yet what your competition looks like.

  • How well would they have prepared..
  • What sort of a polished personality they would have...
  • Will they have complete goal clarity...

You don't know all of it yet. Until, the day comes when...

Your first mock-interview exposes the reality!

Here Are Some Hurdles That You Might Recollect From One Such Experience

  • Lack of a Compelling Story - You are unsure about what to include in your answers to make it full of impact
  • Confusion on How to Present your Answers - You want to understand the perfect way to present your answers to the panel
  • Worried About What Questions to Expect - You are trying to think answers to the counter questions you may get
  • Not Feeling Confident - You are unable to perform well in your Mock Interviews and are feeling low

You feel tensed even when you know that the questions in the IIM interview are about you, your goals and your own personality!

And What Happens When You Aren’t Able to Move Past These Hurdles?

  • You embarrass yourself in the mock interviews
  • You spend each day in the run up to your actual IIM interview in fear and worry
  • That leads you to mess up your actual interview even further
  • Which means you end up in your dream IIMs waitlist or..

Heck! It Could Even Mean You Get Rejected!

But here's the thing. Why be worried when the topic of discussion is the easiest! It's YOU!

If you truly aspire to be a marketer, what better than starting your journey by

Branding and Marketing Yourself the Right Way in your B-school interviews?

But here's what you are thinking. "How can I market myself well when my profile isn't the best... when I don't even have any hobbies... when I am a fresher... when I don't have any achievements or have done anything what people would think to be worthy of getting into an IIM?"

There could be two ways to handle this.

Either you could worry and burn yourself out just thinking about the things that you don't have (and you can't even get in the next 10, 15, 30 days) 


You could make work a little marketing and branding magic on yourself and make yourself irresistible in front of the interview with nothing more than what you have already.

But, what I am telling you here, isn't even magic. The solution to your problem lies in clearly thinking about yourself as a brand and outlining your strategy, just like a brand would much before the day of the launch.

But, how would you do that? How the hell do brands do that? And even if you knew that, how would you do it for yourself.

Well, there’s a way you can tackle all these hurdles and put yourself as an irresistible brand in the IIM interviews in just 3 Simple Steps!

And here is what those 3 simple steps are...

Which means, if you could spend 30 minutes or even an hour at max thinking in this direction and planning it like that - you would have all the clarity that you will need to truly impress your interview panel. And in order for this exercise to be super easy for you, I bring to you the Self Branding Journal

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Take Your First Step to Build Yourself as a Brand

Here's what to expect from what could be a life-changing Self Branding Journal for you...

  • Get a guided framework to craft impactful answers for your B-school interviews
  • Gives you not just any strategy but a proven strategy to market yourself in the interviews
  • Has been formulated by IIM alumni with a diverse background of marketing, sales and entrepreneurship
  • Not only B-school admission interviews, the strategy can be applied to your summer internship interviews and even your final placement interviews!

Make your dream to join your dream B-school come true in as little as 30 minutes of strategic preparation