how to price your product

How to Price your Product better in 8 Steps (Part 1 of 2) You want to price a product but are unsure of how to do it confidently. Pricing is one of the most crucial decision as it captures the value from your customers. Here, I present to you first 4 of the 8 steps that will ensure you cover all bases while pricing.

I can say it with a good level of confidence that how to price your product, how to determine the selling price will remain really common marketing doubts, forever. Don’t…

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5 Key Insights for awesome Pricing Strategies

Have you bought anything lately? Maybe a trendy new mobile phone, a chic piece of clothing, some food or coffee perhaps? Chances are that you have because as consumers, we…

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Price Positioning – Why my expensive Fossil is better than your Fastrack

We live in an interesting time, you and me. We live in a time when you can spend over ₹ 150 on a cup of coffee, over ₹ 4000 on…

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