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“This Airline is So Going to Shut Down!” – A Strategy Faux Pas In this article, I take the example of an airline's poor execution of its strategy and what it tells about the importance of strategy implementation. Further, I talk about the reason why strategy implementation is tougher than strategy formulation.

This article and an experience that I will share here will help you explain why strategy implementation is more difficult than strategy formulation. “If you were to make me a

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What is the Cost Plus Pricing Strategy? With this article I begin discussing some of the important pricing strategies that there are. Cost Plus Pricing Strategy being one of the most basic and widely used pricing strategies deserves to be discussed first. I share with you some cost plus pricing strategy examples as well.

Cost Plus pricing strategy is the most rudimentary of all the pricing strategies. It is probably the first one that we intuitively learn even before formally learning about pricing. And

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Core Competency Framework – Why Starbucks wants to be your ‘third place’ Starbucks wants to be your 'third place' after your home and workplace. They do everything to make this promise come true. But why don't they promise you, so vehemently, about serving you the best coffee in the world. The Core Competency Framework will help us find out.

Starbucks makes for a great example of a good marketing strategy. But what makes a good marketing strategy really good is something that you need to understand. After writing the

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