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Lesson #1

5-Step BASIC Blueprint for Success

  • DURATION: 13 minutes 

In the first lesson of this course, I straightaway take you through the 5 steps that you need to follow in order to take control of your career outcomes of your MBA program. This 5 step blueprint, BASIC, is what I followed to witness a complete turn around in my journey as I mentioned in the orientation video. 

The BASIC Blueprint for Marketing Students in MBA

So, in this lesson you came to know about my 5-step blueprint to achieve the outcomes that you want from your MBA program. These steps are:

  • Basics - Learn the basics of Marketing
  • Application - Apply the basic concepts onto case studies
  • Skill Acquisition - Acquire Digital Skills most relevant for Marketing i.e. Digital Marketing & Analytics
  • Implementation - Implement the skills that you learned in the real-world
  • Create a Brand - Focus on developing a brand through your body of work

In this lesson, I mentioned about my course - Five Steps Ahead. Five Steps Ahead is a 4-hour course that explains each of the 5 steps in much more detail. From the course, MBA students have enjoyed learning the basic concepts of marketing, about how to analyse case studies in just 5 slides and about the digital skills.

Get my Five Steps Ahead course from here >>

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What have been your takeaways?

Now that you know the 5-Step blueprint, what do you think are your takeaways?

  • Try and evaluate that where are you on each of these 5-steps. 
  • How do you think this blueprint can help you achieve your outcomes?

Again, do comment on other's takeaways as well and learn from each other! 🙂

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7 months ago

My takeaways from this chapter is.
First know the basics of marketing i.e. what is market , marketing , 4ps , etc
Then apply and learn these from real life examples.
Then learn soft skills maybe excel or R and apply them to real life project .
Don’t just do a course for a mere certification but do it for you own learning and make the most out of it.
I found myself in the second stage.

Trishal Arora
Trishal Arora
5 months ago

I learned that its actually easy to get what you want if you just keep it simple and disciplined. I try to read Kotler but have read only 2 chapters in 1.5 months of my MBA yet. I will focus from step 1 and keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing this blueprint Darpan Sir.

3 months ago

I get to learn about the 5 Steps that you need to follow in order to become a successful marketer.
I found myself in the skill acquisition stage.

Next Up - Lesson #2

Secret #1 - Hard-skills vs. Soft-skills

This first secret could be the single-most important secret that will change the way you you learn things at your MBA program.

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