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This is the best job after MBA [and it is a secret]

This is the best job after MBA [and it is a secret] You must have wondered what is the best job after MBA. How about if I say that the best. job profile after MBA is actually domain agnostic and subject agnostic. This means if I asked you about the best job after MBA marketing or the best job after MBA finance, the answer is most likely to be the same. Interesting, right? Read along.

Which job comes to your mind when I say the word “Best Job After MBA”? Just pause for 5 seconds and think about your answer. No need to note it down…

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Getting a good placement after MBA = Leaving money on the table

Why getting a good placement after MBA = leaving money on the table MBA students should not have a placement-oriented mindset. A mindset like this makes you miss a lot of opportunities. What should you do then? Here’s a complete roadmap.

Getting the ‘best placement’ from your B-school might not be the best career outcome for you. In fact, let me tell you this and I can say this from my experience. If…

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Build a 6-Figure Business From Your MBA Hostel

Start a 6-figure/month business from your MBA hostel – Crucial first step During your MBA program, Are you inclined to start your own business but constricted by your MBA placements? Here's how to startup during your MBA program and make it a 6-figure per month business after two years when you will graduate. By the time you graduate, you will be in a condition where your MBA placements will seem minuscule. Read on!

Have you considered or dreamt about starting your own business after your MBA? For a good period of time during my first-year of the MBA program at the Indian Institute of…

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I cried during my IIFT MBA admission interview in 2016

I cried during my IIFT MBA admission interview in 2016 During my MBA interviews, I struggled a lot due to my stammering issue. I used to feel very depressed. Despite this, I never gave up and found ways to succeed. Here's how I succeeded in making my mark.

If you are an MBA, you would relate to what I am about to tell you.It is one of those MBA experiences that I have just silently lived through without…

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how to get a PPO from internship

How to get a PPO after internship? The summer internship is a crucial period in the life of a B-school student, and getting a PPO from that internship is always the key objective for most B-school students. Here's a complete guide as to how to get a PPO after internship. Read on!

If you are someone who is just starting their summer internship at a company and are trying to figure out how to get a PPO after an internship, then let…

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How to get a PPO after internship

Why a Summer Internship is important in an MBA program? In an MBA program, a summer internship can be one of the most crucial periods. Students get their first exposure to corporate life during this period. Their career trajectory after they graduate with MBA is shaped by this period. This article explains why summer internship is important for an MBA student.

Let me first answer this question, what is a summer internship in an MBA?Now, if you are reading this blog, you most likely already know this – but just to…

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Career objective for MBA students - Acquired goals vs. Original goals

Career Objective for MBA Students – How to win? As an MBA student, it is extremely important that you set a goal that truly reflects who you are as a person. In this article, I attempt to break the hype surrounding the trendy goals MBA students tend to acquire just out of fashion. Here's how to set the right career objective for MBA students.

As an MBA student or an aspirant, you could be amazed by the high packages and excellent placements that are the hallmarks of top B-schools in India like the IIMs,…

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Workshops and courses for management consulting - Breaking the hype

Workshops and Courses for Management Consulting – Breaking the hype Are you also interested in taking courses for management consulting and workshops that prepare you for a product management role at Amazon, etc. ? Are they something you are seriously interested in, or do you just want them because they are in style? I will help you find the job role that fits your interest and I will also help you find the exact skills required for those roles.

The LinkedIn posts about courses for Management Consulting and the Facebook ads about how to become a product manager or how to become a consultant at BCG intrigue you. You…

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Career after MBA - Three takeaways from Shark Tank India

Career after MBA – Takeaways from Shark Tank India Indian viewers have made Shark Tank India their favorite business reality show, not only because of the series' entertainment value but also because of the knowledge it provided. The show also gave some valuable lessons which business students can apply to be successful in careers after MBA. Throughout this post, I will discuss three important takeaways from the show that are likely to have a profound impact on MBA students.

Shark Tank India is an Indian business reality television series aired on SET India. The show shows entrepreneurs presenting their business plans to investors and sharks who decide whether or…

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Low percentile in CAT and no good calls

Low CAT Score – What do you do now? CAT is highly competitive and unpredictable, so,it's normal for people to have a low CAT score and not get any offers from IIMs or other top B-schools such as XLRI, IIFT, etc. so don't worry if you belong to that category. Allow me to clear up some misconceptions and open up new opportunities for you. I will discuss what the correct mindset should be in this scenario.

If you are also among those who has a low CAT score this year and did not receive calls from IIMs or other top B-schools or wonder what if I…

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Course for MBA placements and Best Career Outcomes

Course for MBA Placements and Best Career Outcomes Placements at B-schools are their highlight, but are they the best outcomes you can expect from an MBA? I doubt it. Our Course for MBA placements “Five Steps Ahead” exposes you to all those life-changing opportunities which lie beyond the placements. Through this course, you get a complete roadmap on how to maximize these opportunities to bring the best out of your MBA.

If you are an MBA student or an aspirant and looking for a course for MBA placements and best career outcomes , you are at the right place.Let me first…

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Why is Marketing analytics important for MBAs and managers? Marketing Analytics has become a part of the fundamentals of Marketing and MBAs need to get savvy with it. I want to share with you this thought that for you as an MBA student why is Marketing Analytics extremely important to learn and how it would help you in your career.

To tell you about why is Marketing Analytics important for MBAs and managers – I could have started off by putting out a statistic about the demand of Marketing Analytics…

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