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How To Prepare for MBA Summer Placements [Blog]

How to Prepare for MBA Summer Placements? [5 Must Dos] Are you an MBA student with your summer placements around the corner? Do you want to know how to prepare for your MBA summer placements? In this article, I’ll share with you a few things you must keep in mind while preparing for your MBA summer placement that would not only help you build a strong foundation for your summer placements but also for your MBA life and career in general.

Summer Placements is one of the most grueling and exciting times as a first year student of an MBA Program. It not only provides MBA students like you with valuable…

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[Blog] Are Position of Responsibility Important New

Are Positions of Responsibility Important for MBA Placements? It is believed that being a member of a committee or club and contributing to it as a team player is a must for getting a good placement. How important are these Positions of Responsibilities (PORs) really for you as an MBA student or aspirant? In this article, I’ll share with you whether PORs are important for you as an MBA student and if not, what other things you must focus on during your MBA for a good resume and in order to make a larger impact.

Are Positions of Responsibility Important for MBA placements? Do you need to have them on your MBA resume?This question would start bothering not just an MBA student who has entered…

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Which Skills to Learn During MBA

Which Skills To Learn for MBA Placements? [2×2 Framework] Are you an MBA student or aspirant looking to crack your campus placement? Do you want to know how you can make yourself more desirable to the recruiters in your campus placement? In this article, I share with you a framework that can help you identify and select which skills you need to acquire during your MBA for success in the placements. Let’s begin!

We’ll use the concept of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning to find out what skills you should acquire for MBA Placements. Even if you don’t know what STP Model is, never…

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What are Digital Skills for MBAs

What Are Digital Skills for MBA Students? Are you interested to know about the most important and in demand skills to acquire as an MBA aspirant or an MBA student? The most important skills for an MBA to learn, in today’s world, are digital skills. Here I’ll be introducing you to the top must have digital skills that every MBA aspirant or student should know about, why you should learn these skills and how you could start acquiring them.

You, as an MBA student, would instantly agree that there’s a critical need for you & your counterparts to constantly acquire skills.It’s important to become a complete professional in the…

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Must Dos for MBA Students in the First Term

Must Dos for MBA Students in the First Term [Tips for MBA Students] Are you an MBA aspirant or about to enter your B-school? Do you want to make the most out of your MBA journey? Read on to discover some tips for first year MBA students to keep moving steadily towards your outcomes.

The first year of your MBA journey could be a very rigorous one, full of demanding academics and a lot of slogging to do. Given the challenges you may face,…

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