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Lesson #4

Secret #3 - Build Your Marketing Experiments Lab

  • DURATION: 12 minutes 

This is where the action takers stand apart from the procrastinators. This secret is the real differentiator in your journey. Whether be it in your learning, implementation or the final outcomes from your MBA, you will look back and thank yourself for understanding this secret and building your own marketing experiments lab.

Perfecting Your Marketing Skills Requires Implementation

You have watched this lesson and now everything starts to add up. You learned about prioritizing Hard-skills over Soft-skills and about focusing on creation more than competition. 

In this secret, you got the understanding of how you can continuously implement your learning from the MBA class room and your skills onto something that will be a growing asset for you.

You learned that you need to build a blog. This blog can double-up as your resume/portfolio + the knowledge sharing portal.

This is your Marketing Experiments Lab!

  • You learned a new concept in Marketing in the class? Come back and write a short article on it.
  • You learned new WAC concepts in the class? Try it on your next article.
  • You learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Optimize your next article and see it rank in some weeks.
  • You completed an entire subject? Go ahead an write a summary of the subject in a short e-book?
  • You got to know about Email Marketing? Setup your tool, offer that eBook in exchange of name and emails.
  • You want to perfect Facebook Ads? Design a campaign around that free eBook and get paid leads
  • You want to learn Marketing Analytics? Analyze your traffic data.
  • You want to create more value for your audience? Build online products and courses or offer consultation.

There are no limits to what you can do inside your marketing experiments lab. It's your lab after all.

Put in the hardwork ad then, be ready to receive 🙂

Join my Five Steps Ahead community from here >>  (use coupon code: freecourse)

Get your hosting and free domain for your blog >>

What have been your takeaways?

The next step for you is to secure your name domain name and hosting. And you should go ahead with it. You should also now deep-dive into my Five Steps Ahead blueprint more. Share with me what's your domain name and what do you expect to learn from my Five Steps Ahead course.

Do comment on other's takeaways as well and learn from each other! 🙂

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hiep nguyen ngoc
hiep nguyen ngoc
2 years ago

you’re highly appreciated Darpan. you built a great thing

Padmanabha Bhattacharjee
Padmanabha Bhattacharjee
1 year ago

Thanks for this very insightful video…You are doing a great work👍

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