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Best Resources to Learn Data Science & Analytics

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The most motivated management students and professional out there know that marketing should borrow heavily from the fields of Data Science and Analytics. That is because, if you can't measure it, you can't improve it. Therefore, so many of you willing to take your marketing career to next level often ask "Which is the best platform to learn data science?" or "Where should I start to learn Data Science?".

From my experience of learning Data Science and Machine Learning, to boost my marketing profile, I am putting out all the data science resources which I have benefited from or which I highly recommend. These include data science free tutorials and some of the top-of-the-line paid data science courses, data science books and podcast that will help you learn this skill in no time.

Best Online Courses for Data Science


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Data Scientist with Python


One of the most comprehensive courses on Python with the uniqueness that you have to actually code before you can proceed

  • In-built coding console is awesome
  • Extensive coverage of Python concepts
  • Great mix of videos + coding + quizzes


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Data Science with R


R is a widely used language in among practitioners and B-school students. This covers theory of Data, Statistics and Cases

  • Statistics as taught in B-schools
  • Covers intuition as well as case studies
  • You will end up with a good Kaggle rank
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Complete Python Bootcamp

Jose Portilla

A course that every other Data Science aspirant takes purely due to its course coverage and quality of explanation

  • Basic to Advanced level course coverage
  • Explanations of Jupyter notebooks
  • You will need discipline to practice along

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Python - Learning Path


Learn Python independent of whether you will use it for Data Science or Web Development. The course covers all of it

  • Assess your skill at every stage
  • Pluralsight is THE place to learn coding
  • An extremely well crafted learning path

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Marketing Analytics with Python


A course designed for marketers to get you up to speed with Marketing Analytics techniques that will be of tremendous use

  • Topics most expected out of MBAs
  • Unique in-built coding console to practice
  • Redefine how you measure campaigns
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Marketing Analytics

University of Virginia

Crucial course for marketers delivered by a prestigious university.  Weekly assignments & expert academicians

  • Get deep into the theory of analytics
  • Certificate by a renowned university
  • Highly trusted by B-school students

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Tableau Desktop for Analysts


Tableau is an extremely powerful Data Visualization tool. Those not looking to go deep in Python/R should definitely learn it

  • Course specially designed for Analysts
  • Extremely well-paced course delivery
  • Pluralsight's Skill IQ keeps you in check
Blockchain Council

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain Council

An extremely progressive topic, which is relevant for progressive managers. The most complete course on it available online

  • A skill for the jobs of the future
  • Course gives a business view of the tech
  • The only course you will need to do on it
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Data Science Courses

Harvard, IBM, MIT and more

Top academicians & industry experts bring to you top-of-the-line courses on Data Science. A big assortment to choose from.

  • Most sought after online courses
  • Well received by recruiters and HRs
  • Understand the theory and application

Best Books for Data Science

Marketing Data Science Book

Marketing Data Science

Thomas W. Miller

Explains the usage of Data Science in the field of marketing. Loads of marketing scenarios analyse with Data Science

  • Loads of marketing scenarios and cases
  • Uses both languages - R and Python
  • Focuses on the marketing intuition well
Handson Machine Learning

Hands-On Machine Learning

Aurelien Geron

Best book for someone willing to go deep in ML while starting out from scratch. Dives deep into practical concepts & explanations

  • Perfect balance of theory and application
  • A Machine Learning best-seller worldwide
  • Get to code while you read the book
Marketing and Sales Analytics

Marketing and Sales Analytics

Cesar A. Brea

Makes you an analytical marketing and sales manager by giving you the mindset to apply analytics to the marketing field

  • Extremely relevant business discussions
  • Variety of marketing & sales scenarios
  • Gives an edge to traditional marketers
The Art of Statistics

The Art of Statistics: Learning from Data

David Spiegelhalter

Statistics is crucial for marketers and MBA students as it forms the basis of logical thinking, especially in market research

  • Draw insights using statistical techniques
  • Understand the importance of Statistics
  • Explains concepts with good examples
Prediction Machines

Prediction Machines

Ajay Agrawal, Avi Goldfarb & Joshua Gans

An interesting read about the significance of AI on businesses and the usefulness of its predictions

  • Identify the positive applications of AI
  • Non-theoretical explanation of AI and ML
  • Perfect for those not looking to get in tech
Story telling with data

Storytelling with Data

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Must read for every MBA student who makes presentations with data. Quality information about displaying data for maximum effect

  • Build useful visuals out of raw data
  • Develop visual communication skills 
  • Get to know which data is important

Introduction of Algorithmic Marketing

Ilya Katsov

The science behind how business decisions constantly improve various marketing decisions. Extremely unique content!

  • Understand the use of automation
  • Theoretical and intuitive explanations
  • Must read for digital marketers
Deep Thinking

Deep Thinking

Gary Kasparov

An AI defeating a chess grand master? Revisit the scenes with Gary as he wonderfully depicts the state of modern AI.

  • Must-read for all AI aspirants
  • Understand technological progress
  • Unique take on AI's similarity to humans

Best Podcasts for Data Science



Various Presenters

SuperDataScience perfectly sums up the life of a Data Scientist along with a walk through the key knowledge areas

  • Tips & tricks to succeed in Data Science
  • Career insights for Data Science aspirant
  • Discussions on specific issues in AI/DS
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Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Join DataCamp’s own instructor, Hugo, in discussing Data Scientist problems and Data Science trends in various industries

  • Overview of Data Science concepts
  • Really understand how you would use DS
  • Answers to real-world problems with DS
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O’Reilly Data Show

Ben Lorica

Stay up-to-date with the trends, opportunities, and techniques in the domains of Data Sciences, AI, and Big Data

  • In-depth explanations of concepts
  • Use-cases of complex AI concepts
  • Discussion on tools and techniques