marketing luxury products

Luxury Marketing and Luxury Marketing Strategies What is luxury marketing? What are the strategies of marketing luxury products? Stuck with an academic project that demands you to understand luxury marketing? Read on to understand all that is to know about luxury marketing with some interesting examples.

“Luxury brands don’t sell products, they sell dreams…” -CMO, Cadillac. You might have heard about luxury products. You might have even dreamt of owning them. But right now, you are…

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Accounting for Marketers

Introduction to Accounting for Marketers Most of the MBA students find their way towards marketing just because finance is not their cup of tea! Then why am I even talking about accounting for marketers? Why do you, as future marketers and CMOs, need even to know accounting? How does accounting relate to marketing? Read this article to understand why and to learn the basics of accounting for marketers!

There exists an inevitable relationship between marketing and accounting. Marketers have been using accounting for a very long time.Even one of the components of the marketing mix, pricing, is decided…

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BCG Matrix of ITC

BCG Matrix of ITC Ltd [Detailed] Ever wondered how firms make their Major Decisions? What new Products to launch? Whether to launch new Products at all? To go ahead with the existing Product Profiles? What brands to discontinue and when? These are some of the most critical questions for a firm, but who answers them? Let's find out how in this article for the brand which is loved by many- ITC Ltd.

Imagine a firm that deals in ten different businesses. These ten businesses have ten more divisions under them, and each division has 10 brands under them. The firm is dealing…

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7Ps of Marketing Mix

7Ps of Marketing Mix with Examples What is the most important thing required to present that mouthwatering, scrumptious plate of food in front of you? That plate of food that you want to return to, over and over again. Its that Classic Recipe that makes the food taste heavenly every time you order it. In this article lets put these chef’s cap on our beloved marketers and see what their recipe looks like.

Do you know what consumers have to say to when their needs are not met? “I won’t complain, I just won’t come back” [Brown & Williamson, Tobacco ad]. In this…

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promotion in marketing mix

Understanding Promotion in Marketing Mix What is Promotion in marketing mix? How to develop a promotion strategy? What are the elements of the promotion mix? Why is promotion of your product so important? Your mind might be wandering with all these questions if you are a marketing aspirant. Read on to learn everything in detail about one of the most powerful 4Ps of the marketing mix.

As an MBA student, you might know that the basic definition of promotion in marketing mix. That’s the first thing taught in 1st term Marketing Management.Although in my case, it…

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