Difference Between Market Research and Market Analysis [Detailed] It is common (and generally pardonable) to not identify the difference between Market Research and Market Analysis. However, it will be inappropriate to consider them as the same. Let us comprehend the differences between the two.

I recently wrote an article on How to Become a Market Research Analyst. After that, I had a lot of people writing in, asking me about something which I thought…

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Understanding Place in Marketing Mix The role of place in 4Ps of marketing will help appreciate the importance of place in the availability of a product in the consumer’s market. Based on different properties of products, variations in the core distribution mix of place is observed. FMCG products tend to be consumed faster, and hence shorter distribution channels are managed. However, non-perishables typically result from long-winded supply chains.

You might have the perfect product that will satisfy your customers’ need and offer high value. But unless you don’t have a process to make the product available for purchase…

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Cost Plus Pricing Strategy Examples

What is the Cost Plus Pricing Strategy? With this article I begin discussing some of the important pricing strategies that there are. Cost Plus Pricing Strategy being one of the most basic and widely used pricing strategies deserves to be discussed first. I share with you some cost plus pricing strategy examples as well.

Cost Plus pricing strategy is the most rudimentary of all the pricing strategies. It is probably the first one that we intuitively learn even before formally learning about pricing. And…

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Questionnaire Design Process: Create Surveys that get Filled A crucial step in research and data analysis includes collecting primary data from the target audience. Creating a set of questions that the respondents would be keen to fill constitutes the concept behind Questionnaire Design Process. Read on to find the Go-To checklist to roll-out a decent questionnaire.

Any research requires primary data collection for analysis, which is where the skill of designing a questionnaire for market research becomes handy. The Questionnaire Design Process which I will elaborately…

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5 B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes (NEW)

Understanding B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes Analogies are a significant part of a marketer's ideation process. I mean - would you believe it - I was recently discussing with my friends the god men 'industry' for a product idea and for its marketing plan! In the same vein, let me share with you how you can understand B2B Marketing concepts simply with the help of your favorite superheroes.

As students of marketing, we will always find a great deal of joy in studying about well-known marketing campaigns, famous consumer promotions, and nostalgic advertisements. These things have a sense…

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