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I have authored each of these free marketing eBooks with  purpose of helping you in the areas of marketing that you may need help in. You may download these books separately if you wish to. I will update this area with more of my free marketing ebooks as I release them

How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies Free Marketing Ebook

How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies

Learn the art of analyzing a marketing case study, comprehensively, in just 5 slides. Get this eBook to ace the case discussions at your B-school

Marketing Flashbook

Want to revise the most important marketing concepts before that crucial job interview or for that marketing exam? Learn all of them with examples with the marketing Flashbook

Product Life Cycle Free Marketing Ebook

Successful Pricing & Marketing Strategies

This extremely special eBooks shares with you detailed insights on the different pricing strategies for a product across the product life cycle. Uncover the pricing knowledge here

New eBook!

I am coming up with a brand new eBook on another interesting marketing topic. Watch out this space to get the eBook!