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Understanding Product in Marketing Mix The 7Ps of marketing was one of the first marketing concepts taught to us at B-school. But, you'll be surprised to know that the importance of product in marketing mix can never be underestimated since it is a challenging concept to master even for experienced marketers. Read on to learn in depth about product in marketing mix along with lots of real-life examples of various ideas around the 'Product' concept.

Product in marketing mix is the most fundamental topic we all learn and 4Ps of marketing is one of the first frameworks taught in the vast domain. In fact, the…

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Datacamp Free Week

DataCamp Free Week – Learn Data Science for Free If you are someone who has been on the fence about whether to learn Data Science and Machine Learning to add onto your existing business skills, the DataCamp Free Week might give you that push. In the DataCamp Free Week, all DataCamp premium courses are available for free. Here are the details about this interesting opportunity.

In continuation to the last DataCamp Free Week, DataCamp returned for a second edition of the DataCamp Free Week in the first week of September 2020.The company reiterated the same…

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Amazon ACE Case Study

Amazon Ace Case Study (2020) – How To Get Started Amazon ACE Challenge 2020 is a great way to begin your B-school journey by getting into the role of a business leader who needs to carve out a strategy. This discussion will help you develop a strategy to go about cracking the Amazon ACE Challenge 2020.

Aug 2020 Update: Amazon has announced the ACE Challenge 2020 on 10th August 2020 on the Dare2Compete challenge. I presented this article first in 2018 and now I have updated the…

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Decoding Indian Consumer Behaviour

Decoding Consumer Behaviour in India You Know Nothing About The Consumer Behaviour in India is largely driven by the great Indian Middle Class. You would wonder that it is great that you surely belong to the Indian Middle Class and, therefore, you could empathize with them. However, as it turns out you may not be a part of the middle class! Read on to know why you may know nothing about it.

Here’s the thing about the consumer behaviour in India. Its trends and patterns are mostly driven by the Indian Middle Class. The habits of the India Middle Class are truly…

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How to read mba case studies quickly

How to Read MBA Case Studies Quickly The Case Study method, popularized by the Harvard Business School, is a common feature across all B-schools. For you as a marketer and a B-school student, it becomes important to befriend case studies right away. In this discussion, I will reveal important aspects of case studies and how to read MBA case studies quickly and efficiently.

The Case Study Method initially popularized by Harvard Business School is now a dominant feature in the curriculum of all business schools, worldwide. And the fact is they are all…

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