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Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod [E-Book] Product Life Cycle is an interesting concept in Marketing. Business strategies are largely based on which life cycle stage is the product in. In this article, I figure out what the Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod has been like.

This article is not just about the Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod. This is an article that traces the journey of the iPod, from birth till date.Apple iPod was…

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Just Blew It! Sketchers trolls Nike During a recent NCAA basketball game, Zion Williamson's sneakers tore out. These were Nike sneakers that he was wearing. Since that incident, New York Times and other major newspaper publications was filled with large-sized ads wherein Sketchers trolls Nike – “Just Blew It”.

The sports section of the New York Times and other major newspaper publications was filled with large-sized ads wherein Sketchers trolls Nike – “Just Blew It”. Sketchers took a shot…

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Why MBAs Need to Learn Digital Marketing. Now! Its a shame that MBAs don't believe in acquiring skills beyond their MBA course. The fact is that in the long run each one of us MBAs will require peripheral skills that will impact the way we think about our business strategy. Here's my take where I elaborate on how it is crucial for MBAs to learn Digital Marketing.

Why learn digital marketing after MBA? That’s a question people always ask.I am always surprised when I hear people ask why it is important to learn digital marketing after MBA.Fine,…

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best books for MBA students

10 Best Books for MBA Students and Aspirants [Recommended by CEOs] All through my MBA, books and online courses helped me develop my thinking quicker. I developed perspective for discussions and problem solving. In this article, I share with you the books recommended by CEOs to me which are the best books for MBA students and aspirants.

Here’s the thing, the smartest and the some of the most successful people have always admitted to be reading absolutely obscene number of books every month. And that’s why I…

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how to say i don't know in an interview

‘I don’t know’ – The 3 Magic Words for MBA Interviews Saying 'I don't know' in an MBA admission interview can actually improve your chances of making it through to a great B-school. Surprised? In this article, I will share with you 4 strategies and a psychological hack that will tell you how saying 'I don't know' is one of the better ideas.

The MBA interview season is at its peak and most of you are quite well prepared for them. Yet, the truth is that we are all human beings and not…

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