GE Matrix

GE Matrix for Product Portfolio Analysis A marketer in today's time works on massive product portfolios. In this scenario, the GE matrix serves as a great framework to analyse the various products. Here's my take on the framework.

GE Matrix or McKinsey Matrix or GE-McKinsey Matrix. All of them are the names of this strategy tool that helps you analyze your product portfolio.“Between calculated risk and reckless decision…

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price adaptation strategies

Price Adaptation Strategies – How to Modify Your Pricing Models What are Price Adaptation Strategies? What are the various approaches to Pricing? Learn about Price Adaptation Strategies in Marketing with Examples and be ready with all Pricing Concepts engraved in your mind for when you end up with a job as a Marketer.

Price! One of the most important 4Ps of the marketing mix. Although very analytical in nature, price is not the most favorite element of many, and I am one of…

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BCG matrix of nestle

BCG Matrix of Nestle [Detailed] Nestlé is a common house-hold brand for us since years. Think fast and tell me what all Nestlé products you love! I bet NesCafe, Maggi or chocolates like Kit-Kat made it to your favourite list. Now, have you ever wondered, that do firms also treat its products differently? How do they decide which brands to keep? Where to add new products? When to produce more goods? If yes, then this article is definitely curated for you. Give it a read and see how firms solve these critical questions.

Nestle is one of the world’s leading FMCG company. Most likely, dream company for most of the B-school students too. It has its presence in about 187 countries. Think how…

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Communication mix elements

Understanding the Communication Mix Most of the marketing articles and theories talk about finding that right marketing mix for your product. Still, that amazing strategy will go in vain if you don't understand how to communicate that to your consumers. But why? Why is it essential for you, as a B-school student, to understand the mechanics of communications mix and its various elements? Read this article to know why!

After giving the B-schools’ interviews, you must have realised how important is it to prepare a spot-on answer that is a perfect mix of your superior qualities and past experiences…

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SWOT Analysis of TATA motors

SWOT Analysis of Tata Motors [Detailed] A SWOT analysis is very useful for analyzing your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below is a detailed SWOT Analysis of TATA Motors.

Before getting into the SWOT analysis of the TATA Motors, let us consider one scenario.Imagine yourself as a manager of a multi-national company, and you are in a position to…

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The Value Ladder Model

Learn Value Ladder Model for Business Plans [with Examples] Get answers to all your questions to what a value ladder model is and what is the process to create one. Learn interactively through examples.

The most important concept in the domain of marketing is the concept of a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a marketing tool that maps out the journey customers go…

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Rural marketing strategy

Understanding Rural Marketing and Rural Marketing Strategy How to develop a Rural Marketing Strategy? What is Rural marketing? You might face these questions if you are pursuing a Marketing Specialisation or are a Marketing Aspirant. Read on to explore the nuances of Rural Market along with its Opportunities and Challenges.

A great philosopher once said, “It doesn’t matter where you come from…” Well, it does matter to a marketer! It does because not every continent, country, state or city has…

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inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Understanding Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies Having a goal in mind is essential but having the right strategy to achieve those goals is what leads to success. Marketers are the most customer friendly beings on the planet with two simple goals- Understand the customer and let the customer understand the firm. In this article let’s develop our understanding on the two broad categories of strategies used by marketers to do that- Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies.

wake up in the morning and first thing you do is pick up you phone to check what’s gone down in the few hours you were asleep. You check your…

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What is a Balance Scorecard Approach

What is a Balanced Scorecard Approach, and How Can You Use it? We all grew up listening to-Excess of Everything is Bad, and Moderation is the key to a Healthy Lifestyle. Ever wondered how firms maintain their balance and keep a check on their appetite? We will find this out in the article and will try to find the key to the balance aspired by firms of all sizes and shapes.

It’s a great saying in business management by Peter Drucker “Anything which cannot be Measured, cannot be Managed”.If I tell you this particular firm’s performance is good, will you take…

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Sex in Advertising

Sex in Advertising and Why it is Time to Shake It Up! We all know about how advertisers try to sell products and services by using sex in advertising. The question for marketers is whether it works anymore or not? Let me take you through some points that suggest why we need to shake it up!

Advertising – perhaps one of the most powerful tool for marketers in today’s increasingly competitive world. An advertisement puts your right in front of your audience. As a brand manager…

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Marketing Strategy in Small Niches_New

Marketing Strategy for Small & Hyper-Niche Markets Which Niches and Hyper-Niches, or Micro Niches as some refer to it as, are you targeting is one of the earliest indicators of your marketing success or failures. Finding a niche is crucial. If you are one of those who wants to understand the thought behind what makes a niche marketing strategy different from the usual, here is what it is.

I recently told you about How to launch a Product Successfully in a Competitive Market, some two weeks back. Even before I had put that thought on paper, I knew…

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How to Launch a Product in a Competitive Market Unless you are the first or one of the pioneers, you have to stand out of a crowd and keep walking tall for the rest of your business life. How do you do that? Let’s see how to launch a product in a crowded market.

You want to know how to launch a product in a competitive market. But here’s the first thing that you need to ask yourself.What do they want?If you have read…

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