Marketing Strategy in Small Niches_New

Marketing Strategy for Small & Hyper-Niche Markets Which Niches and Hyper-Niches, or Micro Niches as some refer to it as, are you targeting is one of the earliest indicators of your marketing success or failures. Finding a niche is crucial. If you are one of those who wants to understand the thought behind what makes a niche marketing strategy different from the usual, here is what it is.

I recently told you about How to launch a Product Successfully in a Competitive Market, some two weeks back. Even before I had put that thought on paper, I knew…

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How to Launch a Product in a Competitive Market Unless you are the first or one of the pioneers, you have to stand out of a crowd and keep walking tall for the rest of your business life. How do you do that? Let’s see how to launch a product in a crowded market.

You want to know how to launch a product in a competitive market. But here’s the first thing that you need to ask yourself.What do they want?If you have read…

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Cognitive Biases in Marketing – Games EdTech Companies Play Cognitive Biases in marketing are key to make marketing campaigns successful and are strategically applied by firms at various consumer touch-points to directly influence consumer decisions while interacting with products. Read on to find out more about how cognitive biases influence consumer behaviour in the Edtech industry, which is gaining huge relevance in recent times.

One of the key ways of making effective marketing campaigns and advertisements is by the use of cognitive biases correctly. Cognitive biases in marketing have been employed for a long…

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Competitive Landscape

Competitive Landscaping – Market Strategy for a Leader Whether you are working to start out a new business or are planning the way forward for an established brand, building a competitive landscape will be a great first step. In this article, I share with you how can you use analytics to build out a good competitive landscape

In a period of less than three years, Reliance Jio completely changed and disrupted the telecom industry. And today it proudly claims the top spot in terms of users. How…

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SWOT Analysis of Apple

SWOT Analysis of Apple Apple is a brand that is a favorite of any marketer purely because of the kind of learning you can have from it. In this discussion, I will take you through the SWOT Analysis of Apple and will scrutinize in detailed some interesting insights about Apple.

SWOT analysis has been usual on this blog. In today’s article, I’ll be continuing that with a SWOT analysis of Apple – but with a different touch this time around.Take…

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