What is Confusion Matrix ?

What is Confusion Matrix ? Any machine-learning model is useless to you, if you don’t know what the numbers it generates means. A confusion matrix is the simplest compilation of these numbers. It can give you a better idea of what your classification model is getting right and what types of errors it is making.

Don’t know what is confusion matrix? Don’t know what to interpret from it? Is Confusion matrix making you confused? Then this article is cooked and served just for you. It…

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Should MBAs learn to code

Should MBAs Learn to Code? Do you often wonder about the skills one must acquire in MBA? Are you losing sleep over keeping pace with the demands of the industry? Further, are you worried about the conundrum – Should MBAs learn to code for future prospects?

Probably you might have searched a lot on Quora or called on your seniors. You also might have asked for help from your peers. Well, you just might have just…

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Marketing Analytics using Excel

Marketing Analytics Using Excel [Simplified] Excel is the most versatile tool used in the industry as of now. It has been with us since the 1980’s and is still being used as the most fundamental tool for data structuring and analysis. It’s a go-to tool for a person in IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and simply any other department that you can think of. Let’s build some discussion on what value it carries for our beloved marketers.

Excel began to be used as a tool to store and structure data. With time it started being used as an application for small data computations. Today, with various upgradations,…

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Why Big Data Cannot Understand Consumers Why do you prefer watching a movie on Netflix over hearing the story’s plot from your friend? Why do we Indians, on meeting a stranger, first ask “Where are you from?” Big Data explains direct correlations from huge amounts of data. But, what is thick data and how does cultural identity impact consumer buying behaviour?

The human civilization is currently living and breathing big data and data-driven decision making. But is quantitative analysis enough to understand the core reason behind how consumers behave? What is…

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Datacamp Free Week

DataCamp Free Week – Learn Data Science for Free If you are someone who has been on the fence about whether to learn Data Science and Machine Learning to add onto your existing business skills, the DataCamp Free Week might give you that push. In the DataCamp Free Week, all DataCamp premium courses are available for free. Here are the details about this interesting opportunity.

In continuation to the last DataCamp Free Week, DataCamp returned for a second edition of the DataCamp Free Week in the first week of September 2020.The company reiterated the same…

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