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Welcome to Super Heuristics. I am Darpan Saxena and I am glad that you are interested in getting to know about how to learn marketing skills and strategy with focus on practical implementation in the real world. Super Heuristics is a growing community of students passionate about marketing that I started from my hostel room at IIM Udaipur in February 2018. At Super Heuristics you can learn all things Marketing & Analytics from the ground up. Everything from the absolute basics of Marketing, to Marketing Strategy, to Analytics, and beyond:

Darpan Saxena

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Hi, I am Darpan Saxena, a constant learner of Marketing, Strategy and Analytics. I am an MBA from IIM Udaipur and an Engineer by qualification. I have been through the same challenges, highs and lows of MBA as you have been through or are going through. I have condensed my journey into a course that can help you make the most of your MBA. All of it curated by me, for the love of Marketing.

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Here's A Bit About Me...

In my entire work experience of 6+ years, I have crafted go-to-market strategies for brands like Abbott (in Singapore), Genpact, CL Educate and ML Academy (in USA) apart from the other small and medium businesses which have witnessed growth through my marketing and strategy consultation. My journey towards educating people (and in effect educating my own self) was born out of the challenges that I faced before and during my MBA.

Did I tell you I cried right after my Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)'s admission interview? I talk more about this in my free course that you can enroll into from the button above. But it was soon after that when I started Super Heuristics in the first year of MBA.

My experience of working as a Product Head of MBA Product, the biggest vertical of CL Educate at their head office brought me really close to the challenges faced by other students of MBA and those interested in Marketing. 

How Can I Help You Learn Marketing?

How to learn marketing skill? With this questions in your mind, you have already realized that you need to develop real-world marketing skills right now. Its no surprise that so many recent MBA graduates, already out there industry with good marketing jobs, get back to Super Heuristics to revisit some of the classic marketing basics and marketing strategies.

You could be one among the following and you know that Super Heuristics is the place for you to get started:

MBA Student Persona

I’m new to Marketing and MBA in general – How can I learn the basics of Marketing and about getting started in MBA?

Advanced MBA Student Persona

I have an understanding of Marketing through my MBA course  How can I apply my knowledge to real-world problems and be industry ready?

Working Professional

I have got experience in the field of Marketing after my MBA – How do I get up to speed with skills relevant for my job or startup?

How to Get Started to Learn Marketing Skills?

If you are starting out in marketing and wish to learn the basics of the subject, you have arrived at the right place. Super Heuristics will help you understand the practical application of each of the facets of marketing like Branding, Consumer Behaviour, B2B, B2C, Retail, Sales & Distribution, Analytics and so much more. Now,  if this is your first time here on Super Heuristics then all of this could be a little overwhelming for you.

Therefore, here are 3 simple steps for how to learn marketing skills right now:

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If you are sure about what you want to learn about marketing and are looking for the best resources for the same – then this is the place. I have put together a comprehensive list of resources for you to learn Marketing and Analytics through courses, books or podcasts.

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