About Super Heuristics

To attain knowledge, add things everyday” – Lao Tzu

Hello and welcome to Super Heuristics, an up-and-coming resource library for MBA students and professionals in the field of Marketing Strategy.

I am Darpan Saxena, the founder of Super Heuristics. I am a practicing believer of smart work and the impact of shared knowledge and this is the major reason why I started Super Heuristics in February 2018.

In the past, my experience as a marketing and product development strategist at an edu-corporate has given me, what I believe, a rich knowledge of marketing. Moreover, its integration with strategy and analytics is even more fascinating.

Lao Tzu’s quote written above resonates with me a lot. For me, Super Heuristics is a medium to come out every single day (or whenever I can) and add value to you and also to myself.

Why Super Heuristics?

Super Heuristics was created with the hope of providing answers through articles/blog posts to the many questions asked by individuals seeking to learn more about Marketing Strategy.

These are my two cents on the topics you care about the most, and I assure you, you will find the blog really interesting.

What is a Heuristic?

A heuristic is a thought tool, a rule of thumb, to understand a complex method or process. A heuristic is not an equation to solve. It is a method of deduction.

Unlike other areas of the business that have well-defined methodologies, tools and techniques, marketing has lacked a systematic method.

As Daniel Burstein of MarketingExperiments.com says, marketing has relied on the ‘golden gut’ of astute deep thinking and creative minds.

Getting started with Super Heuristics (useful links)

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In fact, I would suggest you read up some of the things you like and hit me up with a quick feedback at darpan(at)superheuristics.com

Darpan Saxena