Live Projects, Internships and Jobs for MBA Students The best paid live projects and internships only

Take your experience of learning marketing to the next level. Execute your marketing ideas, learn from real-world businesses and develop your personal brand with these live projects and internships for MBA students. Not just that, get access to some of the exclusive and the best opportunities of Jobs for MBA students and recent MBA graduates.

Live Projects
Best opportunities for you to learn by doing. Build your 'body of work' (BOW) that gives your resume a larger impact than position of responsibilities (POR) would.

Implement classroom learning to real-world business projects in Marketing and other domains Make big impact to businesses & build your expertise.

Find best of the companies looking to welcome fresher and experienced MBA graduates in handpicked job roles for you in Marketing and allied domains.

Here are some of the best and handpicked opportunities from all over our network available for you.

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All you need to know about Live Projects, Internships and Jobs

You already know that there’s no parallel to gaining real-world business experience when you are aiming for making it big in the industry. Here are some of the questions that you may have about Live Projects, Internships and Jobs.

Q. What is the difference between a Live Project and an Internship?

A. A Live Project is short term engagement with a company on a specific project. On Super Heuristics, Live Projects are those which have stipends of less than ₹8,000/month. The nature of a live project is such that students get to learn industry concepts and practices even if the students aren't yet well-versed with concepts. An internship, on the other hand, is an opportunity for students to implement their classroom learning in the industry. On Super Heuristics, Internships are those which have stipends of at least ₹8,000/month and above.

Q. How do I apply for these opportunities?

A. If you are interested to pursue any of these opportunities, just click on the job and fill up your details in the form given on the next page. In most cases, it would be as quick as entering your name and email address. After that, you will be redirected to page that will tell you about how to proceed with these opportunities.

Q. What is SH Exclusive?

A. Some of the live projects, internships and job opportunities are exclusively brought to you by Super Heuristics. These special opportunities are tagged as SH Exclusive. Apart from these, all other opportunities have been found and curated from our network and other sources which keep us informed about these openings.

Q. Are all the job opportunities latest and currently active?

A. As mentioned, we curate/gather most of these opportunities from our close networks and regularly replenish the job board with it. Our aim is to collate the best job opportunities from around the web - we do the hard work on your behalf. However, there could be lag between when a position gets filled up and when we come to know about it. Trust us to have the fastest response of removing an opportunity from the board when its no longer available.

Q. What should I look for while applying for a Live Project or Internship?

A. A Live Project is an opportunity for you to get a sneak peak of real-world of business. You as a student have less to offer to the business but much more to gain from them. Here are some points that you must look for:

  • •You should be looking at the job requirements carefully. Is it the kind of work you would like to do and learn?
  • •Do check for the project duration and the number of hours it demands from you. Can you devote that kind of time?
  • •Check out more details on the company’s leadership. These are the people who you can have as your mentors in your career
  • •Finally, do look for whether there’s a stipend. All live projects and internships on Super Heuristics are paid. As a future business leader, your time and effort is valuable and can’t be given away for free.

Having said all of that, it is extremely important for you that as a novice, you should not walk in to any live project or internship with a lot of entitlement. You are supposed to slog. That’s why any company would hire you.