The Ultimate Competitor Analysis Workbook [Free Download]

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The Ultimate Competitor Analysis Workbook

Outperform your competitors by capturing 100+ minute competitor data points at one place

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Competitor Analysis that captures each and every detail

Trying to gain competitor intelligence is one of the greatest pursuits that any business goes after. Even after meticulous and persistent efforts you could still be missing out on some really small yet crucial details. These details are often the determining factors of a successful strategy.

Your competitor’s strategy is spread across many avenues and is not just limited to their core business is. If you think knowing about the competitor’s products, offerings, price is all that there is to competitor analysis – think again. You are missing out on some valuable pieces of data.

This is where my Competitor Analysis Workbook will help you. I will ensure that you cover all of the important insights that you must capture. Designed with market researcher Hiren Patel’s key ideas, this excel sheet helps you clearly articulate your competitors’ each and every detail.

Here’s how you can use this workbook

  • Take a look at the entire checklist of data points in the excel
  • Get a clear strategy of exactly what factors need to be researched
  • Waste no time and directly research only those points mentioned here
  • Fill in the excel all the points that you are able to capture
  • Remove the Super Heuristics logo and fine tune your data
  • Floor your team with a data-rich and super insightful competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

Businesses are not run in silos. Challenges posed by the competitors are real. For your pursuit of getting a larger share of the same pie that everyone is going for, you need to understand what exactly are your competitors up to.


Competitor Analysis comes in all shapes and size. Literally! You could compare different aspects of your competitors with you. However, in order to do a really insightful competitor analysis, you have got to compare all the aspects possible. 


The major components of competitor analysis are Product, Distribution, Pricing, Promotion, Advertising and more.

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