Amazon ACE Case Study

Amazon Ace Case Study (2020) – How To Get Started Amazon ACE Challenge 2020 is a great way to begin your B-school journey by getting into the role of a business leader who needs to carve out a strategy. This discussion will help you develop a strategy to go about cracking the Amazon ACE Challenge 2020.

Aug 2020 Update: Amazon has announced the ACE Challenge 2020 on 10th August 2020 on the Dare2Compete challenge. I presented this article first in 2018 and now I have updated the…

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Yes Bank Case Study - BookMyShow

Yes Bank Transformation – BookMyShow Case Study (2018) With only a few days left for the finally submission of the Yes Bank case study, I bring to you key insights for the BookMyShow case study.

AI, IOT, Machine Learning are the buzzwords today. Attend any discussion, take any tech or digital lecture at the B-School, and you will find everyone discussing about these fancy jargons….

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Yes Bank Transformation – Microsoft Case Study (2018) Are you participating in the Yes Bank Transformation challenge? Here are some key insights for the Microsoft case study that may help you deliver a winning solution

The Yes Bank Transformation Series is one of the most prestigious Case Study challenges across India’s B-Schools. This year, they have partnered with both established corporations like Microsoft, new but…

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Why Marketers make the best CEOs

If you have not yet heard, Indra Nooyi – PepsiCo’s first female CEO, is stepping down. Indra Nooyi is set to step down from her role as the Pepsi CEO…

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How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies [FREE E-Book]

Let no man ever contemplate an act ill-conceived and ill-considered, ill-done without proper scrutiny. Inspect a matter with utmost care before reaching conclusions and rushing into actions; else, bitter remorse…

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