Segmentation and Targeting Success story at BMW In 2001, BMW came up with a video marketing campaign that was not targetted at any of its customer segments. It was targeted at another segment, not the customers of BMW. Find out who did BMW really target?

The BMW Market Segmentation story is one of the finest that marketers look up to. And that’s because BMW has been able to target multiple segments at one time.But more…

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But really, what does Marketing mean? For a start, Marketing is not the same as Advertising. In this article, I give a step-by-step description of what is Marketing. What is its definition and what are the things you should know as a Marketing enthusiast.

So, what does marketing mean?You could ask this question to any marketing practitioner or to any CMO, you are likely to never hear the same definition of marketing being repeated…

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The Positioning Formula: What is Positioning? (The Viagra example)

I kind you not when I say this. It took me an entire one year of my MBA program to ‘feel’ what positioning is. Sure, I always knew what the…

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