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Education for Future Business Leaders extensively covers everything essential you need to learn about Marketing and Digital Skills to build a strong foundation for your career in management.

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Brand Management
Sales Management
Retail Management
Finance for Marketers
Business Plan & Go-to-Market

Digital Skills

Introduction to Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Marketing Analytics
Blockchain in Marketing

About Us

Let’s Get The Best Career Outcomes In The Field Of Marketing! is an initiative by Darpan Saxena as a part of Super Heuristics. This is an in-depth knowledge repository on Marketing and Digital Skills for MBAs and all other aspirants of top management jobs. aims at propagating the knowledge of marketing to level the plain of learning for students so that each student can aspire to rise way above the common level.

Darpan Saxena is an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur and has over 6 years of experience in Product Management and Marketing with leading EdTech brands around the world.

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