Old IIMs vs. New IIMs – Difference In Academics You could be an MBA Aspirant or an MBA Student who is interested to delve deeper into this Old IIMs vs. New IIMs. debate. Surely, Old IIMs are the best. No doubts. But in this video, I make an attempt to compare how different are the New IIMs from the Old IIMs when it comes to Academics.

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What is the difference between the Old IIMs and the New IIMs? More than the MBA Aspirants, usually the MBA students of the New IIMs want to know about this comparison. Therefore, in this 3-part series, I will be bringing to you Old IIMs vs New IIMs based on three different aspects.

  1. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in the Academics
  2. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in the Extra Curricular Activities
  3. Old IIM vs New IIMs – Difference in the Placements

Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in the Academics

In this first video, I will be addressing Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Differences in the Academics. Now, academics is an extremely important topic and that is why I am starting off with it.

The reason is simple. It is the academics and the classroom learning at IIMs that truly makes you the MBA that you want to become. The extra-curricular activities and the placements follow later.

Therefore, I always insist that you as an MBA aspirant need to look at the academic and research strength of the B-school.

Now, all IIMs are naturally good in terms of their academics. However, are their any differences between them?

Are the Old IIMs Different from New IIMs in terms of Academics?

I am comparing the differences between the Old IIMs and New IIMs on the basis of the academics on three sub-aspects. These sub-aspects are:

1. Differences in the Curriculum
2. Differences in Faculty
3. Differences in the Academic Rigor

Watch the video to further know how is the equation when we do Old IIMs vs New IIMs based on the academics.

1. Old IIMs vs. New IIMs – Differences in Curriculum

When it comes to curriculum, you will realize that the curriculum of not just all the IIMs but of most of the top B-schools is structured the same way.

You are having exactly the same subjects and are following the exactly same books and course material in most of the subjects. This is true especially for the first year course.

For example, in your first three terms, you will be having subjects on Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, IT and Analytics. It is a given.

Further, most likely the book you will be following for Marketing is going to be the revered Marketing Management book by Prof. Philip Kotler. And the case studies you will be studying from will be HBS case studies.

Surely, when you get to the second year, the electives that each IIM offers could be different. There could be some different electives that an IIM might have. However, even there most electives and the subject areas that they cover will be the same.

Therefore, in terms of the differences in the Curriculum:

Systemic Differences – NO
Executional Differences – COULD BE

2. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Differences in Faculty

There isn’t much of a difference between the faculty between the Old IIMs and the New IIMs as well. And I say this basis two reasons.

One, at most of the IIMs, a lot of faculty, especially the faculty in the second year is actually the visiting faculty from some of the old IIMs like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta or IIM Lucknow and also from some of the other B-schools.

Therefore, effectively, you are learning from the same faculty that teach at all the IIMs – more or less.

Surely, the first year faculty at the IIMs are mostly in-house resident faculty. And for that reason there could be executional differences. However, even for that, here’s what you need to know.

Two, all the IIMs are recruiting from the same pool of people. For you to be a faculty at an IIM, either you need to be a PhD. or be pursuing PhD. somewhere or must have some remarkable industry credentials.

The directors at the IIMs are in fact those who were faculty at other IIMs. Which means they all have the same recruitment philosophy which brings in the homogeneity in terms of the faculty experience.

Therefore, in terms of the differences in Faculty:

Systemic Differences – NO
Executional Differences – COULD BE

3. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Differences in Academic Rigor

By design the academic rigor at all the IIMs are the same. You would encounter the similar tough first few weeks at all IIMs.

And this is understandable as all the management for all the IIMs is similar. As I had mentioned above, the directors at the New IIMs are those who were earlier faculty at the older IIMs.

Therefore, the program structure and the curriculum and the kind of ‘heat’ that you get from all the IIMs is the same.

Therefore, in terms of the differences in Rigor:

Systemic Differences – NO
Executional Differences – COULD BE

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