Why Should MBAs Learn Digital Marketing

Why Should MBAs Learn Digital Marketing? [5 BIG Reasons]

Why should MBAs learn digital marketing is an extremely common doubt that most MBAs have. And the fact is, it comes from misconceptions. The biggest of these misconceptions is that…

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Best Career Outcomes After MBA

Best MBA Career Outcomes [Beyond Placements]

Back in the day when I had joined my MBA program at IIM Udaipur, I had always wondered that what are the best career outcomes after MBA that I can…

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Downward Spiral in Life After MBA – Don’t Let It Happen!

Inspired from a phone call I recently had with an MBA friend, I want to talk to you about what a downward spiral in you life after MBA can look…

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Major Issues in the MBA Curriculum of Marketing at the IIMs

MBA Curriculum at IIMs is flawed and has issues. Especially, the MBA curriculum of Marketing. In this video, I take you through 4 gaps or issues in the curriculum development…

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Stammering and MBA – Get Confidence and the Best Career Outcomes

Stammering or Stuttering is a more common problem than you think it is. If the question in your mind is that ‘can a stammerer do MBA?’ then the answer is…

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