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SWOT Analysis of Amazon

SWOT Analysis of Amazon [Detailed] Identify competitive advantages and untapped potential, along with leering threats to business sustenance and expansion of one of the leading e-commerce brands through SWOT analysis of Amazon.

The most elementary form of company analysis is done through SWOT. SWOT analysis of brands helps identify company’s untapped capabilities. It also understands the “Why” behind their operations and decisions….

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statistics in marketing

Return on Marketing Investment – How to Calculate it? Both brand giants and local niche players spend big bucks in establishing customer-connect. But how do they decide on what budget to allocate? Further, how do they measure marketing performance? Learn the concept of return on marketing investment, plus know about challenges in achieving desired ROI.

Do you know the amount of money businesses across the world are expected to spend annually in marketing, advertising and communications? Over 11% of the overall annual budget! In fact,…

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Must Have New-age Skills for Marketing Are you looking for jobs in marketing and analytics, and not sure how to learn the necessary skills for marketing? Read on to understand latest trends in marketing and analytics and tips to land yourself the dream marketing job.

Entering the job market is a difficult phase in our careers. But, right skills for marketing under the hood are like a compass to easily navigate the arduous journey. Today,…

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Difference Between Market Research and Market Analysis [Detailed] It is common (and generally pardonable) to not identify the difference between Market Research and Market Analysis. However, it will be inappropriate to consider them as the same. Let us comprehend the differences between the two.

I recently wrote an article on How to Become a Market Research Analyst. After that, I had a lot of people writing in, asking me about something which I thought…

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Understanding Place in Marketing Mix The role of place in 4Ps of marketing will help appreciate the importance of place in the availability of a product in the consumer’s market. Based on different properties of products, variations in the core distribution mix of place is observed. FMCG products tend to be consumed faster, and hence shorter distribution channels are managed. However, non-perishables typically result from long-winded supply chains.

You might have the perfect product that will satisfy your customers’ need and offer high value. But unless you don’t have a process to make the product available for purchase…

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