What Could Be A Proven Roadmap To Design Your Career In Marketing?

Five Steps Ahead is a course, a roadmap that tells you what to learn in marketing, how to learn marketing, what extra skills to acquire to stand apart from your peers, how to ace your placements, and how to take control of your career early on.

Service Marketing

What is Services Marketing? [Detailed] Have you ever come across services that have saved the day, time and again? Look around, you are surrounded by multiple essential services. You might be using Wi-Fi to access this article on the Internet. Did you just order a pair of shoes for a party the next day? Did you send money to your elder sibling in another part of your country just with a few clicks? These are just some services that have assumed the fabric of essentiality. All of this leads me to shed more light on what is services marketing and the numerous aspects.

As marketers, are products and services any different? Well, to answer this in one word – Yes.However, let’s answer the broader question – what is services marketing? A Product is something…

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What is Confusion Matrix ?

What is Confusion Matrix ? Any machine-learning model is useless to you, if you don’t know what the numbers it generates means. A confusion matrix is the simplest compilation of these numbers. It can give you a better idea of what your classification model is getting right and what types of errors it is making.

Don’t know what is confusion matrix? Don’t know what to interpret from it? Is Confusion matrix making you confused? Then this article is cooked and served just for you. It…

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EPRG Framework

EPRG Framework – International Business and Market Development “It has been said that arguing against Globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity”- Kofi Annan. Internationalization of a business is not a recent trend, it started well before World War II. It started with large economies like USA and Germany but today it has become a primary course of action for even small businesses in developing economies. Global businesses need truly global leaders and therefore through this article lets understand what goes into making these leaders.

Let’s start by setting some context on why talking about International Business is important and then we will deal with more Intricate topics like the EPRG Framework for taking strategic…

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Cost Plus Pricing Strategy Examples

What is the Cost Plus Pricing Strategy? With this article I begin discussing some of the important pricing strategies that there are. Cost Plus Pricing Strategy being one of the most basic and widely used pricing strategies deserves to be discussed first. I share with you some cost plus pricing strategy examples as well.

Cost Plus pricing strategy is the most rudimentary of all the pricing strategies. It is probably the first one that we intuitively learn even before formally learning about pricing. And…

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Can I learn Digital Marketing on my own

Can I Learn Digital Marketing On My Own? One of the most coveted skill-set to acquire today is Digital Marketing- undoubtedly. More and more MBA students are upgrading themselves with this new-age non-negotiable skill. To address the immediate question – Can I learn Digital Marketing on my own?

“Can I learn digital marketing on my own?” is something you would wonder. Also, one of the much asked questions is – How to learn digital marketing at home free…

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