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SWOT Analysis of Patanjali Ayurveda In this article, I share with you the insights of what makes a really successful organisation that witnesses rapid growth through the example of the SWOT Analysis of Patanjali Ayurveda

Patanjali Ayurveda Limited is a consumer goods company having its headquarters based in Haridwar, India and its registered office in Delhi. The company was founded in 2006 and has fast…

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Skills to Develop this Summer For a Prolific MBA Ahead It is summer time. You could be a first-year student going into your internship or an MBA aspirant who has finally converted her calls and is eager to join a B-school. For both of you, these 8 weeks ahead of you is a golden period of time. In this article, I (almost) urge you to develop solid hard-skills that will help you in your upcoming internships and the MBA life ahead.

This article will mean different things for different sets of people. For the first-year MBA students going in for their internships, this article can very well be understood as the…

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why marketers should learn to code

8 Conclusive Reasons Why Marketers Should Learn to Code Coding is for programmers and Engineers, not for me! That's some of the most common things you will hear across B-schools in India. And this feeling gets more pronounced in the better B-schools. But the fact is the times are changing! The best of the MBAs are learning to code. Data Science and Digital Marketing are in vogue. Here's why you should learn to code as well.

Why should marketers learn to code? Do you have that kind of question too?Obviously, all the digital marketing tools & channels are running with the aid of some set of…

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Ansoff Matrix – Samsung’s Journey from a Grocery Store to Diversified Conglomerate Yes! Samsung went onto become a tech-giant from such a humble beginning. In this article, I share with you the Ansoff Matrix of Samsung to help you understand how Samsung went on to achieve this business growth

Samsung, a South Korean Multinational, which is synonyms with smartphones, consumer electronics, has a diversified business portfolio. You and I are here to discuss the Ansoff Matrix of Samsung.But how…

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Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod [E-Book] Product Life Cycle is an interesting concept in Marketing. Business strategies are largely based on which life cycle stage is the product in. In this article, I figure out what the Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod has been like.

This article is not just about the Product Life Cycle of Apple iPod. This is an article that traces the journey of the iPod, from birth till date.Apple iPod was…

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