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5 B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes (NEW)

Understanding B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes Analogies are a significant part of a marketer's ideation process. I mean - would you believe it - I was recently discussing with my friends the god men 'industry' for a product idea and for its marketing plan! In the same vein, let me share with you how you can understand B2B Marketing concepts simply with the help of your favorite superheroes.

As students of marketing, we will always find a great deal of joy in studying about well-known marketing campaigns, famous consumer promotions, and nostalgic advertisements. These things have a sense…

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Why Big Data Cannot Understand Consumers Why do you prefer watching a movie on Netflix over hearing the story’s plot from your friend? Why do we Indians, on meeting a stranger, first ask “Where are you from?” Big Data explains direct correlations from huge amounts of data. But, what is thick data and how does cultural identity impact consumer buying behaviour?

The human civilization is currently living and breathing big data and data-driven decision making. But is quantitative analysis enough to understand the core reason behind how consumers behave? What is…

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How to Launch a Product in a Competitive Market Unless you are the first or one of the pioneers, you have to stand out of a crowd and keep walking tall for the rest of your business life. How do you do that? Let’s see how to launch a product in a crowded market.

You want to know how to launch a product in a competitive market. But here’s the first thing that you need to ask yourself.What do they want?If you have read…

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Why Marketers Need a Solid Understanding of Statistics Statistics and data analysis aid marketers to rely not just on their intuition, and to make informed decisions. Here we will discuss the importance of statistics in marketing techniques with examples from companies like Adidas, Unilever, and Target to understand why marketers need a solid understanding of statistics.

We live in a world that keeps piling more and more data. The companies that successfully leverage their data can significantly improve their sales. Well yes, data may be the…

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Cognitive Biases in Marketing – Games EdTech Companies Play Cognitive Biases in marketing are key to make marketing campaigns successful and are strategically applied by firms at various consumer touch-points to directly influence consumer decisions while interacting with products. Read on to find out more about how cognitive biases influence consumer behaviour in the Edtech industry, which is gaining huge relevance in recent times.

One of the key ways of making effective marketing campaigns and advertisements is by the use of cognitive biases correctly. Cognitive biases in marketing have been employed for a long…

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