5 B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes (NEW)

Understanding B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes Analogies are a significant part of a marketer's ideation process. I mean - would you believe it - I was recently discussing with my friends the god men 'industry' for a product idea and for its marketing plan! In the same vein, let me share with you how you can understand B2B Marketing concepts simply with the help of your favorite superheroes.

As students of marketing, we will always find a great deal of joy in studying about well-known marketing campaigns, famous consumer promotions, and nostalgic advertisements. These things have a sense…

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How to Analyse Marketing Case Studies [FREE E-Book]

Let no man ever contemplate an act ill-conceived and ill-considered, ill-done without proper scrutiny. Inspect a matter with utmost care before reaching conclusions and rushing into actions; else, bitter remorse…

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