What does a Digital Marketing Manager do? Basics for MBAs In this article, I explain to you the basics that a Digital Marketing Manager should know. If you are an MBA student going for a marketing job, this article is definitely for you.

Looking for the first dive into the basics of digital marketing concepts? Or, do you want to be a digital marketing manager? If you wish to understand what is digital…

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How I got my blog posts on page 1 of Google (in 2 weeks)

July 2018 Update – Google has changed the name of Google Adwords and all the other google ad properties to ‘Google Ads’. In this post, I will be telling you…

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email marketing best practices

Elements of a Great E-mail Marketing Campaign

Why is Email Marketing Still Relevant? With the advent of new technology coming to the fore every day, it is understandable to ask “Is Email marketing is still relevant?”. People…

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