What does a Digital Marketing Manager do? Basics for MBAs In this article, I explain to you the basics that a Digital Marketing Manager should know. If you are an MBA student going for a marketing job, this article is definitely for you.

Looking for the first dive into the basics of digital marketing concepts? Or, do you want to be a digital marketing manager? If you wish to understand what is digital…

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How I got my blog posts on page 1 of Google (in 2 weeks)

July 2018 Update – Google has changed the name of Google Adwords and all the other google ad properties to ‘Google Ads’. In this post, I will be telling you…

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email marketing best practices

Elements of a Great E-mail Marketing Campaign

Why is Email Marketing Still Relevant? With the advent of new technology coming to the fore every day, it is understandable to ask β€œIs Email marketing is still relevant?”. People…

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