How to do (accurate) sales forecasting – using Excel and SPSS In this series of articles, I will take you through the complete process of doing sales forecasting using Excel and SPSS. This first article of the series takes you through the basics of sales forecasting and its importance. Also, get the free excel which I will be using for the analysis.

Sales forecasting is only for salesmen.   Is it? If you believe in that, then let me tell you that is incorrect. The fact is, selling is the responsibility of…

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Types of Market Research

What types of Primary Market Research study should I use?

This first article in the Rock your Internship series aims at giving a perspective to students and professionals looking to do a market research study at their organizations. Which types…

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Buyer Persona Marketing

1.9x Revenue Growth through Buyer Persona

Enough cannot be said about the importance of a business to be customer centric. In businesses with large product portfolios, a general sense of being product centric prevails which often…

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