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Marketing Analytics using Excel

Marketing Analytics Using Excel [Simplified] Excel is the most versatile tool used in the industry as of now. It has been with us since the 1980’s and is still being used as the most fundamental tool for data structuring and analysis. It’s a go-to tool for a person in IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and simply any other department that you can think of. Let’s build some discussion on what value it carries for our beloved marketers.

Excel began to be used as a tool to store and structure data. With time it started being used as an application for small data computations. Today, with various upgradations,…

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7Ps of Marketing Mix

7Ps of Marketing Mix with Examples What is the most important thing required to present that mouthwatering, scrumptious plate of food in front of you? That plate of food that you want to return to, over and over again. Its that Classic Recipe that makes the food taste heavenly every time you order it. In this article lets put these chef’s cap on our beloved marketers and see what their recipe looks like.

Do you know what consumers have to say to when their needs are not met? “I won’t complain, I just won’t come back” [Brown & Williamson, Tobacco ad]. In this…

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Why MBA and Marketing for IT Professionals? Did you not see two of the most asked interview questions hidden in that title? The two big questions- Why MBA for IT professionals? And Why Marketing? I have made up my mind to get the long-standing debate settled and my friends in IT are the chosen ones.

Making that big decision to give up the perks of a well-paying job and getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. There is this one big question that…

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