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Maslow hierarchy of needs

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory for Marketers What is that one pivotal word that governs a marketer’s services to the society and industry? All their concepts, theories and practices hover around catering to customer NEEDS. Hence, we as aspiring marketers need to be conscious about the psychology behind Consumer’s Needs. Let’s explore consumer psychology and what is the motivation behind their needs in this article.

It is fun to know that psychology and business have a very strong connection. One such theory built on this bridge was the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory.Remember the times…

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meaning of Brand Equity

What is the Meaning of Brand Equity? Have you ever found yourself in a conversation where you have found yourself defending a brand? Why as a consumer would someone refer brands to fellow customer? What’s in it for them? I think Phoebe’s search for the most selfless act is over (F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference). Its this! It happens because of an underlying phenomenon. Let’s try to unravel the mystery in this article.

Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of Brand Equity? For this I would like all of you to think of a scenario with me.You go to a supermarket…

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Personal Branding for MBA students

Personal Branding for MBA Students We all wonder what is that one thing that made all the difference? On what basis is a person selected or rejected after an interview? What is that makes MBA students get their dream internships and final placement offers? Moreover, what is that one thing that makes them standout even after passing out from their colleges?

In this article, I will be talking to the MBA audience but the things explained here are beneficial to aspirants of any competitive examination or even for jobseekers. We will…

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EPRG Framework

EPRG Framework – International Business and Market Development “It has been said that arguing against Globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity”- Kofi Annan. Internationalization of a business is not a recent trend, it started well before World War II. It started with large economies like USA and Germany but today it has become a primary course of action for even small businesses in developing economies. Global businesses need truly global leaders and therefore through this article lets understand what goes into making these leaders.

Let’s start by setting some context on why talking about International Business is important and then we will deal with more Intricate topics like the EPRG Framework for taking strategic…

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highest paying jobs for MBA graduates

Highest Paying Jobs for MBA Graduates in India Most of us look up to an MBA degree as a transformation in our Careers. When asked about the reasons for pursuing this degree, we try to euphemistically say that we are looking to upskill ourselves. But then these skills and value that we gain over the two years helps us to land that dream job with the perks of a magnificent salary. So, today for this article, lets boldly accept the perks of a good salary as one of our primary motivation and talk about it in detail.

Choosing to do an MBA is quite a difficult call. Why I am saying this is because on one hand it is very expensive to take up the course. On…

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The Value Ladder Model

Learn Value Ladder Model for Business Plans [with Examples] Get answers to all your questions to what a value ladder model is and what is the process to create one. Learn interactively through examples.

The most important concept in the domain of marketing is the concept of a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a marketing tool that maps out the journey customers go…

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what is a sales funnel and how does it work

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work? ‘It’s the journey that matters more than the destination’. We have all, either heard it from a friend or preached it to a friend when life hits rock-bottom. But today, let’s change the perspective of analyzing that quotation and see how marketers use it to avoid their profits to hit rock-bottom. We begin by answering a fundamental question- What is a Sales Funnel and How does it Work?

What is that one rule that all marketers have learnt by heart? “Know your customer”. There’s nothing more valuable to organizations than the knowledge of variables that influence customer decisions….

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inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Understanding Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies Having a goal in mind is essential but having the right strategy to achieve those goals is what leads to success. Marketers are the most customer friendly beings on the planet with two simple goals- Understand the customer and let the customer understand the firm. In this article let’s develop our understanding on the two broad categories of strategies used by marketers to do that- Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies.

wake up in the morning and first thing you do is pick up you phone to check what’s gone down in the few hours you were asleep. You check your…

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Marketing Analytics using Excel

Marketing Analytics Using Excel [Simplified] Excel is the most versatile tool used in the industry as of now. It has been with us since the 1980’s and is still being used as the most fundamental tool for data structuring and analysis. It’s a go-to tool for a person in IT, Finance, HR, Marketing and simply any other department that you can think of. Let’s build some discussion on what value it carries for our beloved marketers.

Excel began to be used as a tool to store and structure data. With time it started being used as an application for small data computations. Today, with various upgradations,…

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7Ps of Marketing Mix

7Ps of Marketing Mix with Examples What is the most important thing required to present that mouthwatering, scrumptious plate of food in front of you? That plate of food that you want to return to, over and over again. Its that Classic Recipe that makes the food taste heavenly every time you order it. In this article lets put these chef’s cap on our beloved marketers and see what their recipe looks like.

Do you know what consumers have to say to when their needs are not met? “I won’t complain, I just won’t come back” [Brown & Williamson, Tobacco ad]. In this…

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Why MBA and Marketing for IT Professionals? Did you not see two of the most asked interview questions hidden in that title? The two big questions- Why MBA for IT professionals? And Why Marketing? I have made up my mind to get the long-standing debate settled and my friends in IT are the chosen ones.

Making that big decision to give up the perks of a well-paying job and getting out of your comfort zone is not easy. There is this one big question that…

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