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product line

What is Product Line [Length, Width and Extension] What do you understand by the term product line? The length, depth, width of a product line or the product portfolio of a brand is a strategic and significant dimension of brand building. Marketeers often find it hard to realise the intricacies behind brands adopting new products and gradually phasing out other products. In this article, you can hope to gain a clearer picture about these concepts, and I plan to explain it with the help of real-life examples for better results.

As marketeers of the future, it is essential that you are informed about a product line & its offerings. How they are positioned by brands to gain a stronghold against…

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SWOT Analysis of Flipkart

SWOT Analysis of Flipkart [Detailed] Flipkart is a leading Indian E-commerce firm which has been delighting Indian consumers over the years. It started out as a small online bookstore and now is a billion-dollar firm. In this article, I will be running through the detailed SWOT analysis of Flipkart and provide in-depth insights about Flipkart.

We can achieve the most basic form of analysis of a company with a SWOT analysis and here I aim to take you through the SWOT analysis of Flipkart. Don’t…

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Service Marketing

What is Services Marketing? [Detailed] Have you ever come across services that have saved the day, time and again? Look around, you are surrounded by multiple essential services. You might be using Wi-Fi to access this article on the Internet. Did you just order a pair of shoes for a party the next day? Did you send money to your elder sibling in another part of your country just with a few clicks? These are just some services that have assumed the fabric of essentiality. All of this leads me to shed more light on what is services marketing and the numerous aspects.

As marketers, are products and services any different? Well, to answer this in one word – Yes.However, let’s answer the broader question – what is services marketing? A Product is something…

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Can I learn Digital Marketing on my own

Can I Learn Digital Marketing On My Own? One of the most coveted skill-set to acquire today is Digital Marketing- undoubtedly. More and more MBA students are upgrading themselves with this new-age non-negotiable skill. To address the immediate question – Can I learn Digital Marketing on my own?

“Can I learn digital marketing on my own?” is something you would wonder. Also, one of the much asked questions is – How to learn digital marketing at home free…

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Should MBAs learn to code

Should MBAs Learn to Code? Do you often wonder about the skills one must acquire in MBA? Are you losing sleep over keeping pace with the demands of the industry? Further, are you worried about the conundrum – Should MBAs learn to code for future prospects?

Probably you might have searched a lot on Quora or called on your seniors. You also might have asked for help from your peers. Well, you just might have just…

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