5 Steps to Get A Marketing Job That You Want – Episode #4 In this episode of the Five Steps Ahead podcast, get to know about the exact steps to get a marketing job. I share with you my experience of getting 3 off-campus job offers before my placements began and I share how you can do something similar for yourself.

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I have often been asked by students that what are the exact steps to get a marketing job in your MBA. And it was then I realized that there needs to be some steps that I should be able to offer to students who have this common question.

It is because of this that back in 2019 I developed the five step BASIC blueprint. As it turned out these were the exact steps to get a marketing job that I inadvertently followed during my MBA to get the outcome that I wanted.

These five steps of the BASIC blueprint are:

B – Basics of Marketing. You need to start learning the basics of the subject that you want to work in. It is non-negotiable.

A – Apply the concepts on Case Studies. As an MBA students, you know that you need to analyse case studies day in and day out.

S – Skill Acquisition. The job role that you are targeting definitely wants you to have some specialized skills. Identify them and learn them.

I – Implement the Skills. Most B-school students stop at the last step and never get here. But it is so crucial to practice and implement the skills right when you are learning them.

C – Create a Brand. When you implement the skills onto projects, like a blog of yours. Your objective is to propagate all the knowledge and skills that you are learning and this work helps you develop a brand.

It was exactly with these steps that I was able to get 3 off-campus job offers even when my final placements had not begun.

Do check out the episode and do comment on how are you planning to start off with these five steps.

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I am Darpan Saxena, an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur, and I am on a mission to help 1,00,000 MBAs get the best career outcomes through knowledge and digital skills without depending on their B-school or Placements.


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About the Author:

Darpan is a Marketing Strategist & Consultant by profession and a blogger by hobby. He is an engineer by qualification and also an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur. In his 6+ years of professional experience, he has crafted go-to-market strategies for brands like Abbott (in Singapore), Genpact and CL Educate apart from the other small and medium businesses which have witnessed growth through his marketing and strategy consultation. Darpan has worked as a Product Head of the biggest vertical of an education technology company in New Delhi.
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