Career Objective for MBA Students – How to win? As an MBA student, it is extremely important that you set a goal that truly reflects who you are as a person. In this article, I attempt to break the hype surrounding the trendy goals MBA students tend to acquire just out of fashion. Here's how to set the right career objective for MBA students.

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As an MBA student or an aspirant, you could be amazed by the high packages and excellent placements that are the hallmarks of top B-schools in India like the IIMs, FMS, XLRI, etc. 

You do hear about them everywhere, right?

But what about the other career objectives for MBA students apart from placements?

Opportunities like Off-campus drive, Freelancing jobs, and Digital Entrepreneurship.

You would have hardly heard anyone talk about these life-changing opportunities. 


 As an MBA student or an MBA aspirant, you could also be on a path that doesn't belong to you, and therefore on the wrong path in terms of career objectives for MBA students or career goals for MBA students.

The problem is that you might have never put in a conscious effort to find out your ideal goal for your career.

It might be highly possible that you want that consulting job role at BCG or Mckinsey just because it is the highest paying job role at your B-school.

It is just one such example that could apply to job roles like analytics, product management, etc.

But are you targeting these job roles only because it is fashionable to target them or because you genuinely want it?

The chances are that you are aspiring for the job role because your friend also wants to be in that job role.

In that case, you are limiting your ability to achieve what is truly the best career goal for yourself. And in the same way, it becomes essential to talk about the best career objective for MBA students.

What should be the career objective for an MBA student?


Identify the best career objective for MBA students with original goals.

When you start chasing goals that are not really what you came up with, but they are fashionable at your B-school or among your friends - those are ‘acquired goals’ 

Shouldn't you have an original goal for a job or a field in which you have to spend the rest of your life?

You need to understand that you can only get the best career objective for MBA students if you follow your passion and area of interest.

You may ask me the problem with having acquired goals if you can fetch a well-paying job through it.

Allow me to list two problems with having an acquired goal, even if you think it pays well.

Two alarming concerns with having ‘acquired goals’ as an MBA student

When you ‘acquire a goal’ that does not come from your heart but out of fashion or trend, you face two alarming concerns.

1. Your goal is not congruent with who you are

This means that your goals or aspirations out of your MBA degree are not aligned with your lifestyle or your personality.

When your objectives don’t match your domain of interest or passion, problems creep in.

Even if you are in a job role that pays you well, but that job role is not of your interest, you would soon get frustrated and lose interest.

People would think that you are living the life of your dreams, but in reality, you would be stressed, wanting to switch jobs.

3. You would not put in enough effort.

When you choose to learn a skill just for impressing your peers or just to bag that high-paying job role, you will not put in enough effort.

After completing the online certification course you took to learn the skill, you will not truly master it because you did not put your heart and soul into it.

As soon as you get your job, you forget about that skill, you never look into it again, and eventually, that skill vanishes away.

How to get the best career objective for MBA students - What should be your approach?

How about you introspect and find out which industry you want to go into after your MBA.

You might want an analytics job role, or you might be interested in the course that talked about becoming a product manager at Google.

Once you find out the specific domain you want to get in, you can also find out those crucial skills you need to focus on and just need practice.

You must be wondering how you find your area of interest and the skills required for that domain of industry.

I have got something for you.

Back-Hacking the Placements

So, I have created an exercise for you: Back-Hacking the Placements. You need to do this exercise before you enroll in any of the courses for management consulting or workshops on how to become a product manager at Google or Amazon.

The first step is setting your goal and identifying the target companies/job roles you want to work for.

That is because only once you have identified what kind of job role you want will you be able to identify the skill set required for that, and only then will you be able to know the courses you need to pursue.

Therefore, I am bringing the live demonstration of the back-hacking of the placements process that I have discovered for you. 

This process will give you the clarity required to get a clear vision in your MBA.

I also offer a course called Skill Clarity Blueprint, in which I discuss all these steps included in the Back-Hacking the placements exercise in more detail.

In a nutshell, “Skill Clarity Blueprint” emphasizes career objectives for MBA students. It helps you explore all the best career objectives for MBA students and allows you to find which suits you then help you become a master in that field. 

Skill clarity Blueprint comes as part of one of the eight courses I offer in my “Five Steps Ahead” community.


By now, you must have understood that along with the placements at your B-school, you need to focus on the possible career objectives for MBA students.

Make sure that you have a long-term career goal that is truly aligned with what you are as a person.

Stop being influenced by people and stop having acquired goals.

As an IIM graduate myself and having worked in the MBA Test Prep space, I have seen many students who, even after graduating from top B-schools, have had their career graph go down miserably.

I want you to avoid making the same mistake.

In this course, my goal is to expose you to a mindset of smart career goals for MBA students where you know what should be the career objective of an MBA student.

Thus, wake up and don’t be a victim of the acquired goal mindset.

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