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price adaptation strategies

Price Adaptation Strategies – How to Modify Your Pricing Models What are Price Adaptation Strategies? What are the various approaches to Pricing? Learn about Price Adaptation Strategies in Marketing with Examples and be ready with all Pricing Concepts engraved in your mind for when you end up with a job as a Marketer.

Price! One of the most important 4Ps of the marketing mix. Although very analytical in nature, price is not the most favorite element of many, and I am one of…

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Rural marketing strategy

Understanding Rural Marketing and Rural Marketing Strategy How to develop a Rural Marketing Strategy? What is Rural marketing? You might face these questions if you are pursuing a Marketing Specialisation or are a Marketing Aspirant. Read on to explore the nuances of Rural Market along with its Opportunities and Challenges.

A great philosopher once said, “It doesn’t matter where you come from…” Well, it does matter to a marketer! It does because not every continent, country, state or city has…

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Brand Identity Prism

What is Brand Identity Prism? (With Examples) What is Brand Identity Prism? What are the elements of Brand Identity Prism? Read on to know the answers of all these questions and understand Brand Identity Prism through some interesting Examples.

Ever thought if brands have identity? Well, I did not until I came into marketing MBA and started developing this perspective of studying all aspects of a brand. The logo,…

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marketing luxury products

Luxury Marketing and Luxury Marketing Strategies What is luxury marketing? What are the strategies of marketing luxury products? Stuck with an academic project that demands you to understand luxury marketing? Read on to understand all that is to know about luxury marketing with some interesting examples.

“Luxury brands don’t sell products, they sell dreams…” -CMO, Cadillac. You might have heard about luxury products. You might have even dreamt of owning them. But right now, you are…

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mba in marketing

What is MBA in Marketing All About? What is MBA in marketing? What are the marketing subjects in MBA? What marketing jobs will you get after MBA? What are the top MBA colleges for marketing? Curious to find out if marketing is for you? Read on to know everything about MBA in marketing.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make; it is about the story that you tell” – Seth Godin.MBA in marketing is all about being a storyteller because it’s…

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promotion in marketing mix

Understanding Promotion in Marketing Mix What is Promotion in marketing mix? How to develop a promotion strategy? What are the elements of the promotion mix? Why is promotion of your product so important? Your mind might be wandering with all these questions if you are a marketing aspirant. Read on to learn everything in detail about one of the most powerful 4Ps of the marketing mix.

As an MBA student, you might know that the basic definition of promotion in marketing mix. That’s the first thing taught in 1st term Marketing Management.Although in my case, it…

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