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SWOT Analysis of Amazon

SWOT Analysis of Amazon [Detailed] If you want to know everything about Amazon- this article is for you. Starting from identifying competitive advantages to untapped potentials. And even its weak points and threats. These are important for any business expansion.

So, here we bring to you the SWOT analysis of the e-commerce giant- Amazon!Now, the most elementary analysis of any company can be done by SWOT analysis. This helps us…

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Must Have New-age Skills for Marketing Are you looking for jobs in marketing and analytics, and not sure how to learn the necessary skills for marketing? Read on to understand latest trends in marketing and analytics and tips to land yourself the dream marketing job.

Entering the job market is a difficult phase in our careers. But, right skills for marketing under the hood are like a compass to easily navigate the arduous journey. Today,…

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Understanding Place in Marketing Mix The role of place in 4Ps of marketing will help appreciate the importance of place in the availability of a product in the consumer’s market. Based on different properties of products, variations in the core distribution mix of place is observed. FMCG products tend to be consumed faster, and hence shorter distribution channels are managed. However, non-perishables typically result from long-winded supply chains.

You might have the perfect product that will satisfy your customers’ need and offer high value. But unless you don’t have a process to make the product available for purchase…

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Questionnaire Design Process: Create Surveys that get Filled A crucial step in research and data analysis includes collecting primary data from the target audience. Creating a set of questions that the respondents would be keen to fill constitutes the concept behind Questionnaire Design Process. Read on to find the Go-To checklist to roll-out a decent questionnaire.

Any research requires primary data collection for analysis, which is where the skill of designing a questionnaire for market research becomes handy. The Questionnaire Design Process which I will elaborately…

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Why Big Data Cannot Understand Consumers Why do you prefer watching a movie on Netflix over hearing the story’s plot from your friend? Why do we Indians, on meeting a stranger, first ask “Where are you from?” Big Data explains direct correlations from huge amounts of data. But, what is thick data and how does cultural identity impact consumer buying behaviour?

The human civilization is currently living and breathing big data and data-driven decision making. But is quantitative analysis enough to understand the core reason behind how consumers behave? What is…

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Understanding Product in Marketing Mix The 7Ps of marketing was one of the first marketing concepts taught to us at B-school. But, you'll be surprised to know that the importance of product in marketing mix can never be underestimated since it is a challenging concept to master even for experienced marketers. Read on to learn in depth about product in marketing mix along with lots of real-life examples of various ideas around the 'Product' concept.

Product in marketing mix is the most fundamental topic we all learn and 4Ps of marketing is one of the first frameworks taught in the vast domain. In fact, the…

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