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How to become a product manager

How to Become a Product Manager Do you always get confused between product management and project management? Do you wonder what one has to do to become a Product Manager ? Do you want to what skill a new-age product manager should posses ?

Are you one of the MBA graduates who want to start your career as a product manager? Have you not yet found out the answer to this question, “How to…

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Social Marketing

Introduction to Social Marketing: Purpose & Profits Have you ever thought of the value that you are adding when you are studying about marketing? Are you creating the needs or serving the needs of the society. To understand and answer the above questions, we need to understand the concept of Social Marketing. Let’s get started.

Social MarketingIt is generally believed that motive of marketing is to make profit to the organizations to your company by providing value to the customers. But, value is the most…

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SWOT Analysis of TATA motors

SWOT Analysis of Tata Motors [Detailed] A SWOT analysis is very useful for analyzing your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Below is a detailed SWOT Analysis of TATA Motors.

Before getting into the SWOT analysis of the TATA Motors, let us consider one scenario.Imagine yourself as a manager of a multi-national company, and you are in a position to…

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