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Back of a Napkin Marketing Plan

How to Create a ‘Back of A Napkin’ Marketing Strategy Plan? Sometimes, you get stuck by an idea or a dream, and you get so mesmerised that you want to lay your hands on the next paper you find and start everything at once. We all have been there, but if I tell you businesses are no different in this aspect, would you believe me? Let’s find out more in this blog post and Create a Back of a Napkin Marketing Plan.

You must have heard that once a famous artist whilst sitting in a cafe’ in Paris’s streets got a brilliant idea for his/her next masterpiece. If I tell you that…

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SWOT analysis of Nestle

SWOT Analysis of Nestle [Detailed] Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage company with products ranging from global icons to local favourites. In this post, I will be running you through the detailed SWOT analysis of Nestle and will provide unique insights about Nestle.

SWOT analysis is one of the essential marketing analysis tools. It is employed to understand a company’s position in the external environment and its inner capabilities. I will be taking…

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Bottom of Pyramid Marketing

Bottom of Pyramid Marketing [Detailed] It is every Marketer's dream to capture a Huge Market and attain huge profitability. The strategy also, tells us the same things- either have a vast market share or a huge market to cater to. Our marketing lessons seldom touches upon a market which is the largest – The Bottom of the Pyramid. Let's find out more in the article.

We all know no two persons are the same, so in this vast world containing billions of such people marketing to individuals’ needs becomes a challenge. More often than not,…

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exploratory research in marketing

Understanding Exploratory Research in Marketing Whenever we start something new, the first step is always the hardest. It is so new to you that you are always afraid you might miss out on something and fail. Imagine when you embark on a journey to find solutions, the first step is the hardest. Several questions run through your mind- What to ask? How to ask? Whom to ask? If it's so hard, how marketers take their first step in finding the answers to the complex market problems? Let's find out.

You as marketers must have at one point or other answered a question by saying, “I will conduct a market research and find out”. It’s so cliché yet the fundamental…

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What is a Balance Scorecard Approach

What is a Balanced Scorecard Approach, and How Can You Use it? We all grew up listening to-Excess of Everything is Bad, and Moderation is the key to a Healthy Lifestyle. Ever wondered how firms maintain their balance and keep a check on their appetite? We will find this out in the article and will try to find the key to the balance aspired by firms of all sizes and shapes.

It’s a great saying in business management by Peter Drucker “Anything which cannot be Measured, cannot be Managed”.If I tell you this particular firm’s performance is good, will you take…

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BCG Matrix of ITC

BCG Matrix of ITC Ltd [Detailed] Ever wondered how firms make their Major Decisions? What new Products to launch? Whether to launch new Products at all? To go ahead with the existing Product Profiles? What brands to discontinue and when? These are some of the most critical questions for a firm, but who answers them? Let's find out how in this article for the brand which is loved by many- ITC Ltd.

Imagine a firm that deals in ten different businesses. These ten businesses have ten more divisions under them, and each division has 10 brands under them. The firm is dealing…

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