Old IIMs vs. New IIMs – Difference In Extra-curricular Activities Extra-curricular activities are an important part of your learning at the a B-school. If you are an IIM aspirant or an IIM student, you would be wondering whether there is a difference between the two kinds of IIMs in terms of extra-curricular activities. This video will help you understand the differences.

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What is the difference between the Old IIMs and the New IIMs? More than the MBA Aspirants, usually the MBA students of the New IIMs want to know about this comparison of Old IIMs vs New IIMs.

Therefore, in this 3-part series, I will be bringing to you the differences based on three different aspects.

  1. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in the Academics
  2. Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in the Extra Curricular Activities
  3. Old IIM vs New IIMs – Difference in the Placements

Old IIMs vs New IIMs – Difference in Extra-curricular activities

I had already covered the differences in the academics in my previous video. In this video, I want to discuss another important part of the difference between the old IIMs and the new IIMs. And that is the difference in the extra-curricular activities.

Now, as you already would know from my previous video that I am talking about the differences extremely logically by dividing the differences as Systemic and Executional differences.

Systemic differences are those in which two things are different by the very nature of the things. Whereas, the executional differences are those where the differences are not so much in the differences of the things but are more in the execution by each IIM.

Further, I am breaking the extra-curricular into three different parts. These are:

  1. Difference between the clubs and committees at the old IIMs and the new IIMs
  2. Differences between the fests and summits at the old IIMs and the new IIMs
  3. Differences between the live project opportunities at the old IIMs and the new IIMs

When you go through the video, you will realize that what is the reality of, both, the old and the new IIMs in terms of the extra-curricular activities.

You will be able to appreciate the fact that whether the old IIMs are really extremely a class apart in terms  of the extra-curricular activities or not.

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