Needs Wants and Demands

What are Needs, Wants and Demands in Marketing Management? Generally people tend to use these three words - Needs, Wants and Demands - interchangeably. But not marketers. You, as a marketer, need to be aware of the big difference that there is between these three terms.

Find target companies for MBA placements

Find Target Companies for MBA Placements in 30 Minutes [Back-Hacking Placement] Finding target companies for MBA placements is crucial because that has to be the starting point of your placement preparation. This detailed video will help you understand the process of back-hacking your placements and finding your target companies and skills.

Winning Mindset for MBA Students

The Winning Mindset for MBA Students – Can Change Your MBA Life What is the winning mindset for MBA students? You as an MBA student need to focus on building a good mindset. That's because your mindset can make or break the outcomes you get from your MBA. In this video, I share with you how you need to develop this mindset.

Back Hack MBA Placements

Do This Before Your MBA Placement Preparation – Back-Hacking MBA Placements MBA placement preparation needs to begin with proper goal setting. However, which companies to target and what skills to acquire isn't easy to determine. Therefore, watch this video on back-hacking the MBA placements.

What is Marketing

What is Marketing? – Introduction to Marketing and Definition of Marketing MBA Aspirants and students often find it extremely difficult to define marketing and answer the simple question 'What is Marketing?'. In this video, I explain to you a definition of marketing that I have come across that encapsulates the meaning well.

Mindset of MBA students

Mindset of MBA Students and Aspirants – My Learnings from IIM Udaipur If you are an MBA student or an MBA aspirant then it is crucial for you to be in the right mindset that allows you to create the best outcomes for yourself. Therefore, in this video I talk about the mindset of MBA students so that you know that what should be the thought-process where the magic happens.

How to network in MBA

How to Network During MBA – Meaningful Networking in B-schools How to network in MBA is one of the things that is always the top of the minds of most MBA aspirants and MBA students. In this video, I share with you some networking tips for you to channelize your efforts to build a strong network during MBA.

Future of MBA in India

Future of MBA in India – 3 Logical Predictions for IIMs and B-schools What is the future of MBA in India? If you are an MBA Aspirant or an MBA student, this would be an interesting video for you to understand that how will the landscape of the MBA programmes evolve in India.

careers in marketing after mba

Careers in Marketing After MBA – 8 Best Career Paths to Become a CMO There are different careers in marketing after MBA. To be precise, there are 8 career paths that are most common for MBA students in India. In this video, I share with you what these different career paths after MBA are.

marketing analytics skills required

Marketing Analytics – Skills Required To Get Started If you are an MBA student, aspirant or a recent MBA graduate wondering how to get started with Marketing Analytics, then this video is for you. Learn about the skills required for Marketing Analytics and how you can understand what tools you should learn about.

Why Should MBA Students Start Blogging

Why Should MBA Students Start Blogging? If you have ever wondered whether you should start a blog or why should MBA students start blogging, then this video is for you. In this video, I share with you 5 reason why you as a student should start blogging, right away!

MBA Placement Not The Best Outcome for You

Don’t Let MBA Placements Interfere with Your Success! MBA Placements is the definitely the most celebrated outcome from MBA. Students aim for the best placements even before they have joined the B-school. However, if MBA placements are the only outcome that you want from the MBA program, you could be standing on extremely weak grounds.