Why Should MBAs Learn Digital Marketing

Why Should MBAs Learn Digital Marketing? [5 BIG Reasons]

Why should MBAs learn digital marketing is an extremely common doubt that most MBAs have. And the fact is, it comes from misconceptions. The biggest of these misconceptions is that…

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Content Marketing Research and Modelling a Plan

The first step to failure is when you start without a plan. If you want to take advantage of the power of content, it is important to research you customer…

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Social Media Platforms- Digital Marketing

As a marketer, your fundamental goals are to reach as many potential customers possible and stay close to them. With Social Media Marketing platforms, both these goals can be efficiently…

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Content Marketing Introduction and Concepts

Working as Marketers in your career ahead, most part of your job would require you to help your target consumer to understand how your product or service will add value…

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How to Research and Plan for Digital Marketing? [Part-2]

Once you are done with researching your audience and competition you arrive at a Customer Persona. Next step is to conceptualize your offering according to potentials customer’s purchase journey. This…

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How to Research and Plan for Digital Marketing? [Part-1]

Research and Planning in Digital Marketing is one of the crucial first steps in designing the digital marketing campaign. You could be an MBA looking to create a Digital Marketing…

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What are Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies?

You would have heard about Inbound and Outbound Marketing Strategies and would have wondered what exactly are these? When it comes to Digital Marketing, understanding what are the Inbound and…

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