What can Tai Lopez teach you about Marketing? You may know Tai Lopez as the social media guy who features in your Facebook timeline quite often. His social media game is strong. But in this article, I will not share with you the Tai Lopez social media marketing strategy. In fact, I will share with you the 5 things you as a marketer can learn from Tai, in general.

If you have ‘liked’ enough marketing and entrepreneurship pages on Facebook, you are likely to see a tall, fair, bespectacled person telling you about how social media marketing is the way to go for you to create wealth.

Please meet the social media marketer and trainer, Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez social media marketing

If you have seen enough of him in your Facebook feed, then this article will interest you even more.

The Tai Lopez social media marketing strategy is something that is out there in the open. It is to entice the viewers by displaying Tai’s Dan Bilzerian-esque lifestyle and tell them that they can have it to provided they awaken to what Tai is telling them.

But I am not telling you about the Tai Lopez social media strategy. 

I this article I will bring to your notice all the different things that Tai Lopez (and obviously the Tai Lopez social media marketing strategy) can teach you about marketing, in general.

Get ready to learn more about who is Tai Lopez? What is his net worth? What does he do? What is his 67-step program? How did Tai Lopez get rich? How does he use social media for marketing?

And last but not the least, is Tai Lopez a scam?

Who is Tai Lopez?

For starters, Tai is a college dropout. Tai Lopez has 2.9 million followers on Instagram, 6.2 million fans on Facebook, 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

The numbers do tell that the guy has got a great social media marketing skill.

The about page of his own website tells quite a lot of other things about him.

Tai Lopez is a consultant, motivational speaker, investor and a successful businessman. He is also a certified financial planner and definitely a YouTube sensation.

He is a partner to more than 20 multi-million companies. He owns some of night clubs in California.

It would be injustice to him, if I don’t mention that Tai Lopez is an avid reader. He was voted the Number 1 Social Media Influencer by Entrepreneur Magazine.

What does Tai Lopez do?

The commercials on YouTube always show Tai Lopez flaunting his wealth, a black Lamborghini and just talking about books. 

Tai does business mentorship online, inner circles, conferences and runs his “67 step program”. He also runs a podcast “The Grand Theory of Everything” and a YouTube channel.

“67 step program” and “The Grand theory of everything” designed by Tai guide you about the thought process and approach one must have, in order to become successful. He mainly focused on health, wealth, love and happiness in this book.

So, on the face of it, it looks like he makes the bigger part of his income online by selling courses, digital products and Tai Lopez social media marketing services.

What is Tai Lopez’s net worth?

As mentioned on his website, as of 2019, Tai Lopez’s net worth is $60 million. If bank balance signifies anything then in this case it surely does tell you about how Tai has grown an empire for himself and his business model seems to be working for him really well.

How did Tai Lopez get rich?

The main revenue source for Tai is his online courses. Courses from varied topics like real estate mentor program, social media marketing agency, mini MBA academy, Amazon sales blueprint are some of them.

What can Tai Lopez teach you about Marketing?

After going through so many advertisements of Tai Lopez, I got some insights about the social media marketing skills and techniques for advertisements by Tai Lopez. Here are the 5 things Tai Lopez can teach you about Marketing.

1. Low Production Advertisement

If you will check out the ads from Tai, you will find that most of them are shot on his iPhone, with no editing, and are pretty simple.

The ads never go as per the plan and someone messes up from time to time.

Such a kind of advertisement looks relatable, authentic and shows that there is no hidden agenda unlike ads with high production cost which people tend to skip.

Tai Lopez social media strategy

Recorded via mobile

tai lopez social media marketing

Someone messing up the video

2. Visual Captivation

Ads will always have cars, luxurious houses, farms, etc. Along with it, there is always something which keeps on moving. This results in stimulation of the brain. The brain can predict what is next and thus is engaged.

Moreover, even if Tai never says that the car or the house is his, you are most likely to assume that it is truly his. Marketers can, ethically, ride on the assumptions of the people and what stories the people tell themselves.

tai lopez social media strategy

Flaunting the car

tai lopez social media strategy

Luxurious Home

3. Personal Connect

It is really important for a marketer to make himself or his product relatable to the intended target group. 

Just imagine that if in this blog post, instead of talking to you in a friendly manner, almost as if writing an email to you, if I would have used sophisticated English then would have connected to my story the same way like you usually do?

The answer, most likely, is no.

In case of Tai Lopez, there is always a story after this which calls for emotional investment.

The story usually tells about how Tai was once a poor person and now he has got everything one can ask for.

Checkout the following video from 10 seconds to 35 seconds.

The first impression of 5 seconds carries way lot of importance to keep the audience on hook. Tai Lopez makes sure he leaves you curious for information which he is about to present.

Once people make the initial investment, they find it hard to click out and end up watching the complete video.

4. Tell them about the CTA/Giveaway

Marketers love call-to-actions (CTA) and giveaways. There are tons of them out there. Most o them are really helpful.

But Marketers will tell you that enough number of times, a CTA that they thought was amazing doesn't excite the audience. This can be easily determined through below par conversion rates for those CTAs.

In my experience with CTAs and giveaways, I have realized that a big reason why some of the good giveaways fail to capture the attention of the people is because you don't tell the people about the CTA in enough detail.

If you observe any Tai Lopez video, you will observe that his entire video progresses towards explaining the CTA and its benefits.

Tai will never give complete information about his philosophy, story or whatever he is presenting. He will ask the users to visit his website or will ask for their email id for complete information.

This is a classic example of how one should use CTAs that are attractive and which activate the users to dig deeper.

tai lopez social media marketing
tai lopez social media marketing
tai lopez social media marketing

5. Sense of urgency

Tai will create a sense of urgency among the people watching his videos and will ask them to act as fast as possible, giving them an adequate amount of motivation for the same.

tai lopez social media marketing

Is Tai Lopez a scam?

Well, I will be happy to brainstorm with you about this question. I have read various testimonials about the programs organized by Tai Lopez. The reviews are mixed one.

Tai Lopez claims to have taken advice from successful people from different domains and to have used it in his program.

Look what he has to say, straight from the horse’s mouth.

tai lopez social media marketing

Here's my opinion on it. Tai Lopez is not operating in a silo. His associations with other top marketers and media personalities like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk and Mentor Box founder Alex Mir tell you that Tai Lopez certainly belongs to the fraternity. 

tai lopez social media marketing

Tai Lopez with Grant Cardone

Tai Lopez with Gary Vaynerchuk

Tai Lopez with Alex Mir

Therefore, in his answer on Quora, it does make sense when Tai Lopez says that its moronic when people say that its easy to replicate what he does in his videos. That's because, its not just him but its the entire network of friends and respected personalities that vouch for him.


In this article, I gave you an insight about who Tai Lopez is, what does he do, how has he used social media to his favor, and his social media marketing skills one can use to promote his/her advertisements.

Talking about whether Tai is a scam, it is a debatable topic. But there is certainly a lot you can learn from him when it comes to Marketing, Advertising and PR. 

Do write in your comments telling me about what do you think about Tai Lopez and what are the things that you have learned from him.

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