Is the Zapier Mastery Course from Digital Deepak Any Good? [Detailed Review] I recently came across Digital Deepak's Zapier Mastery course. I tried it out to learn how to use Zapier for solving some of my own digital marketing problems. Here is my detailed review of the course.

Are you an entrepreneur or a blogger like me and want to learn how to use Zapier? Or are a freelancer who works with clients to solve their digital marketing challenges?

Heck. Or are you a marketer who works at an office and you want to make your day more productive with automation?

Then this article is really important for you. Because in this I will be telling you about the best way I recently discovered through which you can learn how to use Zapier. And with that, you can automate so many of your online business and digital marketing tasks.

Here I am giving a detailed review of Digital Deepak's Zapier Mastery Course that has been recently launched at a discounted price.

I strongly suggest that you should go through this entire article before you purchase the course. And if you are really eager to purchase it right now and if you want to know if Digital Deepak’s Zapier Mastery Course any good, then here’s my answer:

Yes, it is currently the best way to learn how to use Zapier with examples and demonstrations.

I researched 5 different Zapier courses after I came across Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course. And based on that research I am here to tell you why Deepak Kanakaraju’s Zapier Mastery course is undoubtedly the best how to use Zapier course available out there.

So, if you are planning to make your business or your blog run on autopilot, in this article I will share with you in detail the good and the bad parts about Deepak Kanakaraju’s new and promising course on Zapier Mastery.

Why am I writing this Review?

Here’s the thing. This is my first ever review about a product.

You can go around and have a look at all the articles on this blog. I have written over 70 articles on Marketing concepts for MBAs and Marketers but never have I written any product review before this.

That’s because I don’t run this blog to write product reviews.

But then my blog is about teaching marketing to MBA students and Marketers like you. And you are some of the smartest people out there.

I realized that if I share knowledge about marketing, why shouldn’t I share about something that has helped me do marketing better?

I wanted to learn how to use Zapier for my blog from quite some time. But I always thought that I don’t really need Zapier at this stage of my blogging journey. I always thought that Zapier marketing automation is just too much sophistication for a blog that I run for a hobby.

At the same time, I was faced with some digital marketing challenges of my own.

  • The mailing automation tool that I use doesn’t have a mobile app and it's so much more difficult to login through the browser every time. How do I keep a check on my subscribers and e-book downloads even when I am on the move?
  • I always wanted to connect the forms on my landing page with my mailing automaton tool. But not every landing page maker has an integration with the mailing tool that I use.
  • I am careless with my daily schedule. I plan my day on a my iPhone, in the Notes. And then I conveniently forget about the schedule that I had created last night.

But then here’s what happened.

I came across Digital Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course on his Facebook group. Since I generally depend on Deepak for all the digital marketing tips that I need, I did go ahead and tried out this product.

Again, I was skeptic about the fact that do I really need to learn how to use Zapier?

In fact I even thought that I already know everything that there is to know about Zapier. Why should I even buy this?

But, as they say, there are certain things that you don’t know that you don’t know. Your blind spot.

What I am about to tell you is likely to amaze you.

I solved all of my problems that I mentioned above. For free.I learnt how to use Zapier from Digital Deepak’s Zapier Mastery Course. Apart from the other great things that I could achieve, I increased my subscribers-per-day by 13.8x!

I am not throwing any random number here. I am going to tell you the entire story of that and how it happened in just 3 hours of learning Zapier from Deepak.

Not just that, after learning from this course I automated other small things in my work life that have allowed me to save more time in my day.

I’ll tell you about all of this, my experience with Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course, later in the article.

Who is Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a Digital Deepak?

Your instructor for the Zapier Mastery course is Deepak Kanakaraju.

how to use Zapier

Deepak Kanakaraju, is India’s one of the best Digital Marketers and bloggers and is based out of Bangalore. Calling him just a digital marketer will be an understatement. To me he has come across as a visionary entrepreneur, what MBAs like me aspire to become.

He runs a digital marketing agency in Bangalore by the name PixelTrack Digital. The agency has clients which includes brands as big as Mercedes and many other upcoming entrepreneurs who are taking Deepak’s help to reach the cusp of online success.

But, beyond the agency, he has made a big brand for himself. People are fond of him.

Fondly known as Digital Deepak, which is also the name of his blog, Deepak has been helping over 1 Lakh aspiring marketers and entrepreneurs in his Facebook group Learn Digital Marketing.

This group is the largest Digital Marketing groups in India. It's an amazing group to be in for marketers. Not just me, but many other marketers and MBA students that I personally know are fairly active in that group.

With his over 10 years of experience doing digital marketing, there is no person better than him to teach you and me the intricacies of digital marketing and automation.

What is the Zapier Mastery Course?

The Zapier Mastery Course of Digital Deepak teaches you how to use Zapier and how to make the best use of it to automate your digital marketing tasks.

how to use Zapier

But only if you start learning how to use Zapier, you will realise that you can use it for much more than just digital marketing automation.

Read the section below on ‘Who is the course for?’ to know what are the different things you can learn from Zapier Mastery Course.

The Zapier Mastery Course has a running time of just above 2 hours spread across 13 video lessons. You can purchase the course exclusively from Instamojo

To give you an idea of what the course talks about, I have listed below what are the different lessons in the course with a brief description of them.

Who is this course for?

This course teaches you about how to use Zapier. This course will benefit you if you fall in any of these three categories:

1. Bloggers

If you are a passionate blogger like me, you probably have no idea how much money can you save with Zapier. Most bloggers in their early stage of blogging are not able to afford some quality apps and software.

These expensive tools offer really deep-level solutions and have many integration options available with so many other good tools. But again, they are expensive and you shouldn’t be spending that kind of money when starting out.

With Zapier you can create some really amazing integrations between tools which don’t have many in-built integrations. Zapier Mastery course will show you examples of many such integrations.

2. Online Entrepreneurs

Automation is the key for entrepreneurs who wish to earn passive income. You might not always be available for your business venture. Maybe because you have a full time job somewhere.

This course is perfect for you because once and for all you will learn how to use Zapier to create integration that will help you automate and track your business.

For example, do you want to track who purchased your product in real time? Also, do you want to track all those who had a failed transaction?

You don’t need sophisticated tools or mobile apps. You can do it using Google Sheets and Deepak teaches you exactly this.

3. Freelancers

You could be a freelancer who offers different kinds of digital marketing services to your clients. Or you could working for an agency.

It is really important for you to learn how to use Zapier so that you can offer far more complex and innovative solutions to your clients. Seriously, with Zapier you can do the integration you wished you could do.

And the results will be a total delight for your customers.

4. Marketing Professionals

A friend of mine from my previous work place purchased this course when I told her about it. She is a marketer and works in the office, the usual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

She has a habit of writing her schedule in the Evernote app on her phone. Guess what she did. She created an integration where Zapier updates her Google Calendar based on the schedule she has created in Evernote on her phone.

Who is this course not for?

However, it is also important to note that for whom is this course not for.

If you are a MBA or a Marketing student, which what most of my audience is, this might not be the appropriate stage for you to be learning in Zapier.

When you will move ahead in life and will start managing work, independent digital marketing projects maybe then you should learn Zapier and offer it as a business solution to your company.

Also, if you are a really newbie blogger (like just purchased the domain or something) then you can easily spend an year without feeling the need to use Zapier.

Zapier Mastery Course Videos

Here I will tell you about what is there in each of the videos that is on offer in the Zapier Mastery course by Digital Deepak.

how to use Zapier

This is how my dashboard looks like. And this is also exactly how yours will look once you enroll in the course. Since I have gone through all the videos and learned how to use Zapier, I have explained what you will learn in each video.

Lesson 1 - An Introduction to Zapier and this course

Deepak introduces the topics he will cover in his classic mind map style. He gives an introduction to what Zapier is and how it will be useful to you.

So if you don’t know what Zapier is, this first lesson will bring you up to the level.

Lesson 2 - Who should use Zapier?

Since the time I wrote this infographic on 14 Zapier Automations, I had many people writing in asking me if Zapier is for them or not. For almost all of the cases I found that they could benefit greatly from the automation of Zapier.

This video will address your doubts.

Lesson 3 - Understanding Zapier Pricing Plans

Pricing plans are kind of tough to understand. It is only after studying pricing in MBA I developed a sense of understanding of how to evaluate pricing plans. But you need not worry.

Deepak does a back-of-the-napkin calculation to help you understand which pricing plan comes with what benefits and will effectively cost you how much.

Do you think the cheapest of the Zapier pricing plans is actually the cheapest? It’s not. Watch this video in the course to know how.

Lesson 4 - When Not to Use Zapier

While Zapier is super dynamic in terms of its utility, there are some places where Zapier will be an overkill. Deepak tells you about those scenarios where you should not use Zapier.

Lesson 5 - What are Webhooks?

This is where the learning of the application begins. You will be amazed to know how extensively you can use Zapier just because of the Webhooks. This video is all about that.

Zapier Examples, Use Cases and Features

Lesson 6 - Send Data from Landing Page to Google Sheets

If you already know what Zapier is and want to learn how to use Zapier, this is where the fun begins. Deepak begins with one of the most interesting and beneficial uses of Zapier. Trust me, I have benefited from this video a lot as it help me grow my subscriber rate big time just within 3 days. I explain more about it later.

Lesson 7 - Sending Data from Blog Exit Popup to Google Sheets

Similar to Lesson 6, this lesson also talks about a crucial use case. I am also on the go and I never find the time to log in to my mailing automation software to check my subscribers.

This one lesson from Deepak made it so simple for me to check my ebook download just from my mobile, anytime!

Lesson 8 - How to Create Multi Step Zaps in Zapier

This video will be helpful to teach you about how to automate the work among more than two apps. The entire concept has been explained by Deepak using his own Active Campaign account!

Lesson 9 - Capturing Data from Payment Gateway using Filters

Most of the bloggers wish to monetize their blog and they choose Instamojo as a payment gateway to sell their products. If you want to be one of them then you need to learn how to use Zapier to capture data from payment gateways and to keep a record of your paying customers.

What’s more, keep a track of the failed payments in the same Google Sheet using Filters. Learn more in this video.

Lesson 10 - How to Use Paths in Zapier

We all know the kind of automations Deepak uses in his business. This involves complex automation. Deepak shares all his secrets in this one. Take a sneak peak of how Deepak uses Paths in Zapier to update more than one apps each time a new customer buys his products!

Lesson 11 - How to Send SMS and Use Webhooks in Action Steps

You have a business and you really want to receive an SMS whenever someone buys from your online store. Set it up using Zapier and any SMS gateway. Deepak explains how to integrate any app with an SMS service.

So, it could be any app. You can create a zapier automation to receive SMS notifications right on your mobile!

Lesson 12 - How to Create an Affiliate Program with Zapier

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to sell more of your products. If you are a blogger or a business and you sell your own products, create a full-fledged affiliate program with Zapier.

Allow others to promote your products and manage all the commissions easily just from an Excel sheet.

Lesson 13 - How to Update Google Sheet Rows with a Search Step

This final video teaches you how to update a row on Google sheets by using a search step function. Zapier will find a row against a specific value, like an email ID and it can update a specific column in the row. This is one of the best features of Zapier.

To know more about Deepak's style of teaching and explaining, check out this demo video in which he explains about Zapier in 25 minutes.

Why is this course the best way to learn how to use Zapier?

I will list down 5 reasons why I feel that Digital Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course is currently the best way to learn how to use Zapier.

Each of these reasons comes from my experience with the course and from the fact that being an MBA student I have taken many other courses in my life.

1. Native Instructor

This might sound weird to many people, but yes, having an instructor that is of the same country or the one who has the same first language makes a lot of difference.

Since Deepak is a digital marketer from India, he explains the course in a way that will help us address the problems that we face in our work.

In my personal experience as well, there is a far greater connect when I learn from Deepak’s videos than when I learn it from foreigner instructors.

2. Course Comprehensiveness

Now, I knew of Zapier to be a really simple and straightforward tool. After all, all you need to do is create zaps that connect two apps together.

But it is due to the vast scope of things that the Zapier Mastery Course covers that you will be amazed by the power of Zapier. After learning how to use Zapier from this course, you will truly become a master of even the most complex things that Zapier can do.

3. Brevity

A comprehensive course can be very long. And obviously, Zapier is not the only thing that will help your blog or business become a success.

Therefore, there is only a limited and small amount of time that you would like to spend on learning Zapier. If the learning time and learning curve is too steep, you better not learn it.

This is where Deepak’s course gets full marks. The running time of this entire course is just above 2 hours. You could actually become a true master of Zapier in one or two sittings.

4. Driven by Examples and Use Cases

This is probably the best part about this course. This course itself gives you 10 different ideas that you can apply on your blog or in your business right while you are watching the videos.

So it is like by the end of those 2 hours in which you will watch the course, you would have ended up creating a automated system with Zapier.

This is only possible because Deepak explains with real life use cases that are most used by most bloggers and entrepreneurs.

5. Support beyond the course

In my entire MBA life, I have taken more than 30 online courses from different learning websites. Quite a few of those courses have actually been good.

But, whenever I had any doubts regarding the things talked about in the videos, I had no one to clarify my doubts from!

In most of the cases, you won’t have the instructor’s mail id available. And even if you do, you should not really expect them to reply. I have tried many times and they don’t.

Now, that’s a great plus with all the Digital Deepak courses.

One, he is super interactive. He, himself, or one of his team members are always available on email. And also, look at his thriving facebook group by the name ‘Learn Digital Marketing’.

With over 1 Lakh digital marketers on that group, you are sure to have your questions answered by the best. Or even Deepak Kanakaraju himself.


Now if you have read all the things that I mentioned above about this course, you would have got a really good idea about what enormous value you can get from this course.

how to use Zapier

This course is originally priced at ₹4999 which is a fair price for the kind of learning experience and benefits that Deepak’s course gives compared so other really dated courses out there.

However, currently the course is offered at a discounted price of ₹1999, which like Deepak’s discounts, is only for a limited period of time.

This course is of immense value and you will understand it from my personal experience with the course which I have mentioned below.

Therefore, if you are considering to learn how to use Zapier, this, right when you are reading this is a great time to begin at such a huge discount.

This course is exclusively available on Instamojo and can be checked out from here.

Pros and Cons

Here is something that will help you evaluate how good or bad is the Zapier Mastery Course for you. I have listed the Pros and Cons of this course that have come to my knowledge after learning how to use Zapier from the course.



The latest course on Zapier on the entire internet!

Could cover more kinds of use cases

Covers ‘Paths’, a recent (and important) introduction in Zapier

Could have shown integrations with other more widely used mailing tools

 Ready to implement use cases explained step-by-step

It teaches how to use Zapier. You will still need to go to Zapier to implement the things

Live screen recordings and demos. No boring slides

Doesn’t talk about the much simpler, Gmail related integrations

Perfect for bloggers and digital marketers who have freebies or paid products

Lifetime access of the course (and all of its future videos)

Accessible support. Through email and the Facebook group

Course cost recoverable by selling just 2 info products of $15 each

However, I must mention that Deepak has delivered on some of these cons in that 25 minute video that I linked above in this article.

My Results after Deepak’s Zapier Course

I did mention briefly the digital marketing problems I was facing. And once you read this you will realize that how genuine, simple and maybe even how stupid my problem was.

Imagine this. I was sitting at the airport lounge two weeks back waiting to board the flight back home to Delhi.

My blog had been in existence for the last one year almost. I was growing my email list only by around 100 visitors per month. Here’s the screenshot of how many visitors I added in January 2019 i.e. last month.

Yes, that’s just 144 in the entire month!

One of the biggest reasons for that was that all these leads were organic or referral leads and I was not able to run a paid Facebook campaign that could bring traffic to my free eBook landing page

Yes! I couldn’t.

And the simple reason for that was that my mailing automation tool through which I had created these landing pages. That tool did not provide the option to give a unique URL for the ‘thank-you’ page.

Which means that using the Facebook pixel, I could never really track any conversions as there wasn’t a unique URL of the success page.

There were only two options in front of me at that time:

  1. Either I could have changed my mailing automation tool. But this would be the last thing I would do.
  2. Or, invest in a landing page creation tool like Lead Pages etc.

Most people would know that switching their mailing automation tool is the most cumbersome task and one should never do that unless it’s a absolute necessity (like that company is closing down or something).

Also, the price of the landing page making tools runs into may dollars per month. Again, difficult for Indian bloggers and early stage entrepreneurs looking to make it big.

But it was in the last week of January when Deepak Kanakaraju, one of the best Digital Marketers of India, announced that he has launched his new course on how to use Zapier. It was this very Zapier Mastery Course.

I obviously knew what Zapier was. Consider the kind of fan I am of Deepak, I bought the course.

I completed the entire course in no more than 3 hours. And boom, I had learned something that I knew will completely transform the way I blogged.

Back to the airport lounge I was sitting on the 3rd of February 2019.

Thanks to Zapier, I got 199 subscribers in just 3 days!

From 144 in the entire month of January to 199 subscribers in just 3 days of February.

I am glad I could learn Zapier really quickly (I learnt it in just 3 hours by the way)


My analysis of Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course suggests that it is one of the most complete courses there is on Zapier. The biggest plus of this course is that it is the latest course on Zapier out there in the market and it covers the newest development of Zapier.

I told you my story of how learning how to use Zapier from Deepak gave me a 13.8x subsriber growth.

I have also explained what is the need for Zapier for today’s bloggers and entrepreneurs as it is a revolutionary tool that has changed the way various apps interact.

So if you wish to upskill and move your business ahead leaps and bounds then you should start learn how to use Zapier from Digital Deepak’s Zapier Mastery course.

It is currently at a discounted price of ₹1999. Check out the course here.

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