How to Create a Marketing Plan: The Analysis

You are reading the Part 1 of my series of articles on creating a marketing plan. Any business project has to be divided into different stages. More importantly, there needs…

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Does your personality resonate with your favourite brands?

What makes us like brands? Why do we love certain brands, and dislike the others? When it comes to buying something, how do we make a decision to pick one…

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B2B Marketing Concepts

Understanding B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes

As students of marketing, we will always find a great deal of joy in studying about well-known marketing campaigns, famous consumer promotions, and nostalgic advertisements. These things have a sense…

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Porter's Five Forces Using Apple iPod

Deciphering Porter’s Five Forces with the help of Apple iPod

Businesses are not run in isolation. A business is comparable to a living creature that breathes and lives its own life. A business is a part of a subset which…

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What is Sustainable Competitive Advantage and how to develop it?

A Sustainable Competitive Advantage is the backbone of most businesses that are thriving today. Businesses that have understood this and followed a Sustainable Competitive Advantage strategy have remained to be…

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