Zoho Corporation – the best Marketing Strategy example? [Case Study] A good marketing strategy is one which integrates with the people, systems, culture and the structure of the organisation. Here, I share with you my study of what makes the Zoho Marketing Strategy, probably the best marketing strategy that I saw in the field of CRMs.

There’s something about Zoho Corporation that intrigued me. Which is why I chose Zoho to be my company for my Marketing Strategy study sometime back. Yes, I have been a…

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advertisers try to sell products and services by using sex in advertising

Sex in Advertising and why it is time to Shake It Up! We all know about how advertisers try to sell products and services by using sex in advertisements. The question for marketers is whether it works anymore or not? Let me take you through some points that suggest why we need to shake it up!

Advertising – perhaps one of the most powerful tool for marketers in today’s increasingly competitive world. It is interesting to learn how do advertisers try to sell products and services…

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How to Price your Product better in 8 Steps (Part 2 of 2) You are looking to price your product but are unsure of how to do it. Through this second part of my article series, I will share with you the final 4 steps that you must follow to create a robust pricing program for your product.

This is the second and the final article in the series where I am telling you about how to price your product better. Read the first part here: How to…

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how to price your product

How to Price your Product better in 8 Steps (Part 1 of 2) You want to price a product but are unsure of how to do it confidently. Pricing is one of the most crucial decision as it captures the value from your customers. Here, I present to you first 4 of the 8 steps that will ensure you cover all bases while pricing.

I can say it with a good level of confidence that how to price your product, how to determine the selling price will remain really common marketing doubts, forever. Don’t…

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How to market and sell condoms or anything taboo We all have shied away from watching those condom commercials on the television. Most of us skip those ads. And if we are skipping them, who is really watching them? Is there something more that the best condom brands need to do in their marketing. In this article I explain to you how you can market any taboo product.

There is a certain prelude to this topic of sheaths that I chose to tell you about today. The prelude is about how the best condom brands came into the…

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