DataCamp Pricing and Plans: A Concise Guide for Everyone In this discussion, I give you and overview of the importance of DataCamp for the majority of Data Science students and organizations. More than that, I discuss DataCamp plans and pricing available, which the students can avail to gain maximum benefit.

DataCamp Pricing

Whether you’re a student belonging to the field of Data Science or the head of a business looking out for options to upgrade and add fluency to your data scales – you’re already on track for this article. DataCamp plays an incredibly important role in helping Data lovers achieve their desired results: It has major and vital contributions and I’d love to help you know more about DataCamp pricing to get started!

DataCamp no doubt holds great importance for several students and businesses alike; it has the same importance that numbers have for accountants, i.e. quite a lot actually. Projects, hands-on learning, and easy-to-grasp lectures – what else do you want as a beginner or a pro?

What Is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an interactive and user-friendly online learning platform that has countless courses and training programs related to the subject of Data Science. These courses are suitable for both students and business-running individuals. You can use it as per your ease and timeline. From Data Analysis, Tableau and SQL to Python and R Programming, this platform literally has it all.

Before you read further! Create a FREE DataCamp Account

Not many know that a few of the DataCamp courses are available for free! This way you can start learning Data Science with DataCamp right away without having to pay anything. Therefore, go and create a free account and then come back to explore your account with me.

It enables individuals to learn their desired skills from their wide range of courses, while also confidently making them able to apply these skills to their future tasks and programs. This practical aspect of the concepts is through their challenging projects on Data Science itself.

But since every good thing in this world comes with a price - DataCamp has one too! And here, I will discuss everything there is to know about DataCamp pricing and plans. Luckily, they are ready and waiting to be availed by you competent learners. Suit your needs, look around, subscribe, and start learning this trendy skill already.

So, without any further delays, let us just jump right into the relevant details!

Is DataCamp free?

Well, technically not. But is DataCamp free once you’ve bought it? Yes, the entirety of it. But if you’d like to audit DataCamp first, then as a beginner, the unpaid DataCamp package gives you access to the first few chapters from all courses for free.

Not only this, but it also gives you access to all ‘Data Challenges’, and includes one ‘Skill Assessment’. This could be considered to be their ‘Beginner-friendly’ package. Now, it is up to you. You can try the unpaid version and then decide to buy a subscription if you like what you learn from it!

How Does DataCamp Pricing Work?

As mentioned earlier, DataCamp is available for use by both, individuals and companies alike.  The DataCamp plans and pricing are, however, different for each one of them.

At present, three different DataCamp plans are available for individuals, whereas two different plans are available for teams/business organizations.

DataCamp Photo

DataCamp pricing works in a simple ‘pay for what you get technique, and it also gives the option to pay in seven different currencies, so you can pay as per your ease, depending upon the availability of DataCamp in your region.

How Much Does DataCamp Cost?

DataCamp plans are not overly-priced, thankfully. If anything, they are easily affordable for everyone. Students can freely make full use of this platform as the fee is paid annually and is quite minimal as well – so no need to compromise on your pocket money every now and then!

The same goes for the business packages too – they have the option to pay per user, so customized plans can be designed within the organization to settle down the payments once and for all. On average, will have to pay less than $50 per month for your subscription plan.

How Much Do DataCamp Certifications Cost?

When you purchase a DataCamp subscription plan, you are also charged for a certification at DataCamp. Luckily, there aren’t any additional or hidden DataCamp certification costs that you should know of. So, if you’d like more incentive to give in to DataCamp’s economical packages, now might be the perfect time.

What Different Options Does DataCamp Have? 

If you are an individual, then DataCamp has two plans available for you. These plans are:

Standard Plan: 

- Includes over 330+ courses,
- Several skill tracks for specific learning,
- Around 15+ career tracks,
- Unlimited assessments, along with the option to chat with the community.

Premium Plan:

- Includes over 80+ projects,
- Tableau, Power content,
- Access to DataCamp live sessions, and prioritized support.

Now if you are the representative of an organization and are looking out for options to either train your employees or start an analysis track; this is for you. So among DataCamp Plans for teams, you will have two options to choose from:

Get a 75% DataCamp Discount now

DataCamp usually runs promotions of 75% discount. Click below and have a look at whether they have a discount right now or not. If you create an account, they will keep you informed. Therefore, go and create a free account and then come back to explore your account with me.

Professional Plan: 

- Includes access to all the premium projects,
- Comes with an Admin Dashboard, and allows up to five users to collectively share the plan,
- Allows users to switch their roles as admins or users.

Each user will have to pay separately for their plan. The bill will, however, be calculated at the end of each year. 

Plans for Enterprises:

- Includes all Premium Content,
- Allows Advanced Reporting and Data Export options,
- Has Integration options available,
- Priority support, and a lot more!

For the pricing of this package, you will have to contact the DataCamp support team, and they will help you in making a customized plan fit for your needs.

Take a look at the summarized table for a quick overview of DataCamp’s Pricing plans:

DataCamp Pricing & Plans














First few chapters from all coursers

All courses




All projects

Career and Skill Tracks


Over 14+ career tracks and more than 40+ skill tracks

Other Features

Coding Challenges, 1 Skill Assessment

Unlimited assessments, Chat, and Challenges

Standard Plan + Live sessions and Priority Support

Premium Plan + Dashboards, Roles, and Live chats for admins

Professional plan + Tons of other features including LMS, SSO, Data Integrations, Custom tracks, and Early Access to every course! 

Is DataCamp Worth the Money?

If you are asking for an honest opinion, then yes, DataCamp is a very good option for people who harbor an interest in the field of Data Science and Programming. It’s the perfect outlet to do hands-on practice, and experiment around with your Data Analysis skills.


But if you are an already established programmer, and are looking for DataCamp Plans to land you a stable employment position, then this place might not be the ideal option for you. However, you can always use it as an experimenting front to discover more of your hidden abilities, or simply for taking courses for additional knowledge. There’s no perfect age to stop learning – and Data Science is one field that keeps on giving.

Is DataCamp free for students? 

Unfortunately, no. DataCamp is not free for anyone. However, DataCamp Student Discount offers are announced from time to time, you can always avail your plan at any one of those times. Otherwise, wait around for the DataCamp promotional weeks where you can access the entire catalogue for free.

Final Words - DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp is a wonderful initiative for Data Science lovers and experts. Learn, share, and practice your skills while paying a small fee for it all. The DataCamp Pricing article comes to and end here and I’m confident that you’re ready to get started on your own. So, which plan will you choose to kickstart your career into third gear?

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