5 B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes (NEW)

Understanding B2B Marketing Concepts with Superheroes Analogies are a significant part of a marketer's ideation process. I mean - would you believe it - I was recently discussing with my friends the god men 'industry' for a product idea and for its marketing plan! In the same vein, let me share with you how you can understand B2B Marketing concepts simply with the help of your favorite superheroes.

As students of marketing, we will always find a great deal of joy in studying about well-known marketing campaigns, famous consumer promotions, and nostalgic advertisements. These things have a sense…

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Why Marketers Need a Solid Understanding of Statistics Statistics and data analysis aid marketers to rely not just on their intuition, and to make informed decisions. Here we will discuss the importance of statistics in marketing techniques with examples from companies like Adidas, Unilever, and Target to understand why marketers need a solid understanding of statistics.

We live in a world that keeps piling more and more data. The companies that successfully leverage their data can significantly improve their sales. Well yes, data may be the…

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Understanding Product in Marketing Mix The 7Ps of marketing was one of the first marketing concepts taught to us at B-school. But, you'll be surprised to know that the importance of product in marketing mix can never be underestimated since it is a challenging concept to master even for experienced marketers. Read on to learn in depth about product in marketing mix along with lots of real-life examples of various ideas around the 'Product' concept.

Product in marketing mix is the most fundamental topic we all learn and 4Ps of marketing is one of the first frameworks taught in the vast domain. In fact, the…

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Decoding Indian Consumer Behaviour

Decoding Consumer Behaviour in India You Know Nothing About The Consumer Behaviour in India is largely driven by the great Indian Middle Class. You would wonder that it is great that you surely belong to the Indian Middle Class and, therefore, you could empathize with them. However, as it turns out you may not be a part of the middle class! Read on to know why you may know nothing about it.

Here’s the thing about the consumer behaviour in India. Its trends and patterns are mostly driven by the Indian Middle Class. The habits of the India Middle Class are truly…

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How to calculate the market share of a company

How to find the Market Share of a company? How to find the market share of a company when you have absolutely no data that you can get your hands on? I have been through similar situations so many times during my B-school projects and even at work. In this discussion, I elaborate on what is market share, what is its significance and how to really find it. You will also get to know whether it is worthwhile for you to fret on market share or not.

A very significant variable for companies, investors and business analysts today is market share. You as a marketer are aware that for any business planning that you may be doing,…

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