Cost Plus Pricing Strategy Examples

What is the Cost Plus Pricing Strategy? With this article I begin discussing some of the important pricing strategies that there are. Cost Plus Pricing Strategy being one of the most basic and widely used pricing strategies deserves to be discussed first. I share with you some cost plus pricing strategy examples as well.

Cost Plus pricing strategy is the most rudimentary of all the pricing strategies. It is probably the first one that we intuitively learn even before formally learning about pricing. And…

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what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of digital marketing collateral with the goal of increasing brand awareness, improving SEO rankings and generating audience interest. In the article below, we will be discussing about the same in detail.

What retains and converts a customer? It is the content you build. This content should be valuable, relevant, and consistent to the defined audience, this marketing strategy is called content…

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What is Sustainable Competitive Advantage? A Sustainable Competitive Advantage is the backbone of most businesses that are thriving today. Businesses that have understood this and followed a Sustainable Competitive Advantage strategy have remained the market leaders in their industry for a long time.

The question is, what is this Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Even more than that, the question would be how to develop this competitive advantage.In the last Strategy article – Competitive Advantage…

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Back of a Napkin Marketing Plan

How to Create a ‘Back of A Napkin’ Marketing Strategy Plan? Sometimes, you get stuck by an idea or a dream, and you get so mesmerised that you want to lay your hands on the next paper you find and start everything at once. We all have been there, but if I tell you businesses are no different in this aspect, would you believe me? Let’s find out more in this blog post and Create a Back of a Napkin Marketing Plan.

You must have heard that once a famous artist whilst sitting in a cafe’ in Paris’s streets got a brilliant idea for his/her next masterpiece. If I tell you that…

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SWOT Analysis of Apple

SWOT Analysis of Apple [Detailed] Apple is a brand that is a favorite of any marketer purely because of the kind of learning you can have from it. In this discussion, I will take you through the SWOT Analysis of Apple and will scrutinize in detailed some interesting insights about Apple.

SWOT analysis has been usual on this blog. In today’s article, I’ll be continuing that with a SWOT analysis of Apple – but with a different touch this time around.Take…

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SWOT Analysis of Amazon

SWOT Analysis of Amazon [Detailed] If you want to know everything about Amazon- this article is for you. Starting from identifying competitive advantages to untapped potentials. And even its weak points and threats. These are important for any business expansion.

So, here we bring to you the SWOT analysis of the e-commerce giant- Amazon!Now, the most elementary analysis of any company can be done by SWOT analysis. This helps us…

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what is a sales funnel and how does it work

What is a Sales Funnel and How Does it Work? ‘It’s the journey that matters more than the destination’. We have all, either heard it from a friend or preached it to a friend when life hits rock-bottom. But today, let’s change the perspective of analyzing that quotation and see how marketers use it to avoid their profits to hit rock-bottom. We begin by answering a fundamental question- What is a Sales Funnel and How does it Work?

What is that one rule that all marketers have learnt by heart? “Know your customer”. There’s nothing more valuable to organizations than the knowledge of variables that influence customer decisions….

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Rural marketing strategy

Understanding Rural Marketing and Rural Marketing Strategy How to develop a Rural Marketing Strategy? What is Rural marketing? You might face these questions if you are pursuing a Marketing Specialisation or are a Marketing Aspirant. Read on to explore the nuances of Rural Market along with its Opportunities and Challenges.

A great philosopher once said, “It doesn’t matter where you come from…” Well, it does matter to a marketer! It does because not every continent, country, state or city has…

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SWOT analysis of Nestle

SWOT Analysis of Nestle [Detailed] Nestle is one of the world’s largest food and beverage company with products ranging from global icons to local favourites. In this post, I will be running you through the detailed SWOT analysis of Nestle and will provide unique insights about Nestle.

SWOT analysis is one of the essential marketing analysis tools. It is employed to understand a company’s position in the external environment and its inner capabilities. I will be taking…

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Bottom of Pyramid Marketing

Bottom of Pyramid Marketing [Detailed] It is every Marketer's dream to capture a Huge Market and attain huge profitability. The strategy also, tells us the same things- either have a vast market share or a huge market to cater to. Our marketing lessons seldom touches upon a market which is the largest – The Bottom of the Pyramid. Let's find out more in the article.

We all know no two persons are the same, so in this vast world containing billions of such people marketing to individuals’ needs becomes a challenge. More often than not,…

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Brand Identity Prism

What is Brand Identity Prism? (With Examples) What is Brand Identity Prism? What are the elements of Brand Identity Prism? Read on to know the answers of all these questions and understand Brand Identity Prism through some interesting Examples.

Ever thought if brands have identity? Well, I did not until I came into marketing MBA and started developing this perspective of studying all aspects of a brand. The logo,…

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Factors affecting consumer behaviour

Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour Have you ever thought that why do you purchase a certain kind of products? Why do you prefer specific brands over others? All of these things depend upon consumer behaviour. As future marketers, you have to analyse consumer behaviour. Before that, you need to know the factors affecting consumer behaviour. Read this article to have a clear idea about these.

Today’s consumer changes his habits and preferences very frequently. Marketers need to understand its consumers’ nerve to offer them precisely what they want. The marketers should know how the consumers…

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