How to calculate the market share of a company

How to Find the Market Share of a Company? How to find the market share of a company when you have absolutely no data that you can get your hands on? I have been through similar situations so many times during my B-school projects and even at work. In this discussion, I elaborate on what is market share, what is its significance and how to really find it. You will also get to know whether it is worthwhile for you to fret on market share or not.

A very significant variable for companies, investors and business analysts today is market share. You as a marketer are aware of the pre-requisites for any business plan. It is to…

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SWOT Analysis of Flipkart

SWOT Analysis of Flipkart [Detailed] Flipkart is a leading Indian E-commerce firm which has been delighting Indian consumers over the years. It started out as a small online bookstore and now is a billion-dollar firm. In this article, I will be running through the detailed SWOT analysis of Flipkart and provide in-depth insights about Flipkart.

We can achieve the most basic form of analysis of a company with a SWOT analysis and here I aim to take you through the SWOT analysis of Flipkart. Don’t…

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Developing a new market offering

Developing a New Market Offering [A Use-Case] Have you ever wondered how the products and services are designed from scratch? You must be thinking – From where to start? What to do? There are a lot of factors that a marketer needs to consider while developing a new market offering. But don't worry if you have no idea, this article will give you a basic understanding of how do you develop a new product offering.

As a marketing student, you have always been taught STP, 4Ps of marketing, branding, digital marketing etc. But apart from these, there is another area very important to every marketer….

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Service Marketing

What is Services Marketing? [Detailed] Have you ever come across services that have saved the day, time and again? Look around, you are surrounded by multiple essential services. You might be using Wi-Fi to access this article on the Internet. Did you just order a pair of shoes for a party the next day? Did you send money to your elder sibling in another part of your country just with a few clicks? These are just some services that have assumed the fabric of essentiality. All of this leads me to shed more light on what is services marketing and the numerous aspects.

As marketers, are products and services any different? Well, to answer this in one word – Yes.However, let’s answer the broader question – what is services marketing? A Product is something…

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EPRG Framework

EPRG Framework – International Business and Market Development “It has been said that arguing against Globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity”- Kofi Annan. Internationalization of a business is not a recent trend, it started well before World War II. It started with large economies like USA and Germany but today it has become a primary course of action for even small businesses in developing economies. Global businesses need truly global leaders and therefore through this article lets understand what goes into making these leaders.

Let’s start by setting some context on why talking about International Business is important and then we will deal with more Intricate topics like the EPRG Framework for taking strategic…

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