Factors affecting consumer behaviour

Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour Have you ever thought that why do you purchase a certain kind of products? Why do you prefer specific brands over others? All of these things depend upon consumer behaviour. As future marketers, you have to analyse consumer behaviour. Before that, you need to know the factors affecting consumer behaviour. Read this article to have a clear idea about these.

Today’s consumer changes his habits and preferences very frequently. Marketers need to understand its consumers’ nerve to offer them precisely what they want. The marketers should know how the consumers…

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exploratory research in marketing

Understanding Exploratory Research in Marketing Whenever we start something new, the first step is always the hardest. It is so new to you that you are always afraid you might miss out on something and fail. Imagine when you embark on a journey to find solutions, the first step is the hardest. Several questions run through your mind- What to ask? How to ask? Whom to ask? If it's so hard, how marketers take their first step in finding the answers to the complex market problems? Let's find out.

You as marketers must have at one point or other answered a question by saying, “I will conduct a market research and find out”. It’s so cliché yet the fundamental…

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Budgeting Methods in Marketing

Budgeting Methods in Marketing and Advertising Have you ever wondered how you will manage the huge funds required for your fantastic advertising campaign? Most of the Marketing Professionals are required to do Budgeting on a regular basis. Yet, most of the Marketing Students are not aware of it. Don't worry; this article will give you a glimpse of Budgeting Methods in Marketing!

In our marketing classes, we weren’t taught Budgeting in Great Detail. This forces us to think whether budgeting is an essential part of marketing or not! To your surprise, budgeting…

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marketing luxury products

Luxury Marketing and Luxury Marketing Strategies What is luxury marketing? What are the strategies of marketing luxury products? Stuck with an academic project that demands you to understand luxury marketing? Read on to understand all that is to know about luxury marketing with some interesting examples.

“Luxury brands don’t sell products, they sell dreams…” -CMO, Cadillac. You might have heard about luxury products. You might have even dreamt of owning them. But right now, you are…

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Accounting for Marketers

Introduction to Accounting for Marketers Most of the MBA students find their way towards marketing just because finance is not their cup of tea! Then why am I even talking about accounting for marketers? Why do you, as future marketers and CMOs, need even to know accounting? How does accounting relate to marketing? Read this article to understand why and to learn the basics of accounting for marketers!

There exists an inevitable relationship between marketing and accounting. Marketers have been using accounting for a very long time.Even one of the components of the marketing mix, pricing, is decided…

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