The Curious Case of Consumer Analytics at Target Retail

The customer is the King has been the motto of businesses all over the world for as long as we can remember. In order to make consumer experiences better, businesses…

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How SAP HANA helped the Kolkata Knight Riders to Clinch IPL 7!

Over the past few years, the buzz around the terms analytics and marketing analytics has increased significantly. Companies are talking about it, brands want to use it, and marketers want…

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Basic Statistics for Data Science

As an aspiring data scientist data is got to be your best friend. There are all kinds of data that you will encounter and probably already do encounter in your…

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How to write a Data Analysis Report

How to write a Data Analysis Report like a Pro

In the last article, I discussed the great use of new software to build interactive dashboards to show the most important indicators in a company while retaining interactivity. But, beyond…

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How to do Data Analysis

Beginner’s Guide: How to do Data Analysis

You’ve heard about and learnt lots of Analytics and Data Science but do not know any programming language. This is putting you in a spot – how to do data…

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