DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp Pricing and Plans: A Concise Guide for Everyone In this discussion, I give you and overview of the importance of DataCamp for the majority of Data Science students and organizations. More than that, I discuss DataCamp plans and pricing available, which the students can avail to gain maximum benefit.

Whether you’re a student belonging to the field of Data Science or the head of a business looking out for options to upgrade and add fluency to your data scales…

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How to Create a Basic Sales Dashboard in R [with code] If you as a manager have tons of data with you and if you are wondering how to visualization that data, then let me tell you something. You can do much more with that data than just creating graphs and tables out of it. What you can create is web apps or dashboards in R. These interactive dashboards will give you lot of flexibility while crunching and presenting this data. Here's how to create sales dashboard in R.

Sales Dashboards are a really crucial part of the sales and marketing process as these dashboards not only get you insights about the sales process but they also give a…

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DataCamp certificates worth it-min

Are DataCamp certificates worth it? You are sure about learning Data Science but are not really sure where to learn it from? As an MBA student, Data Science serves as a really special skill set that you can have. It makes it a combination that the industry is seeking desperately. If you are evaluating DataCamp as an option to learn from, you surely would have this question in your mind, "Are DataCamp certificates worth it?". Here's the answer.

I had written on DataCamp courses a while back and about why I think DataCamp will be of benefit to you as an Data Science learner. Following that a lot…

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Learn to use R

Learn to use R for Market Research and Analytics [Here’s how] Being good at R is crucial in Market Research and Analytics. In this article, I will share with you how you can learn to use R (in lesser time that you think it takes) and why you should learn it.

Do you want to make a career in Marketing or Analytics? Then there’s a strong reason why you need to learn to use R. I am sure that in your MBA…

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sales forecasting methods

The Easiest of all Sales Forecasting Methods As a marketing person it is crucial for you to be able to forecast sales. Sales forecasting is a marketer's job than it is of the salesperson's. In this article, not only will I explain to you why is it like that, I will also share with you one of the easiest sales forecasting methods.

I had established this in one of my earlier articles and I say it here again. This argument will form the basis of why you would need to learn any…

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Linear Regression is inaccurate and misleading! Here’s why The first thing we learn in predictive modeling is linear regression. Linear Regression comes across as a potent tool to predict but is it a reliable model with real world data. Turns out that it is not. In this post I will take you through the Sales data set to demonstrate this fallacy.

There is something about predictions that fascinates us. Those who have even a little bit of familiarity with statistics would know that Linear Regression is probably the first thing you…

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How to do (accurate) sales forecasting – using Excel and SPSS In this series of articles, I will take you through the complete process of doing sales forecasting using Excel and SPSS. This first article of the series takes you through the basics of sales forecasting and its importance. Also, get the free excel which I will be using for the analysis.

Sales forecasting is only for salesmen.   Is it? If you believe in that, then let me tell you that is incorrect. The fact is, selling is the responsibility of…

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The Curious Case of Consumer Analytics at Target Retail

The customer is the King has been the motto of businesses all over the world for as long as we can remember. In order to make consumer experiences better, businesses…

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How SAP HANA helped the Kolkata Knight Riders to Clinch IPL 7!

Over the past few years, the buzz around the terms analytics and marketing analytics has increased significantly. Companies are talking about it, brands want to use it, and marketers want…

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Basic Statistics for Data Science

As an aspiring data scientist data is got to be your best friend. There are all kinds of data that you will encounter and probably already do encounter in your…

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How to write a Data Analysis Report

How to write a Data Analysis Report like a Pro

In the last article, I discussed the great use of new software to build interactive dashboards to show the most important indicators in a company while retaining interactivity. But, beyond…

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How to do Data Analysis

Beginner’s Guide: How to do Data Analysis

You’ve heard about and learnt lots of Analytics and Data Science but do not know any programming language. This is putting you in a spot – how to do data…

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